Voice of the people: James Hodges




In addition to last week's letter about coal


Trump's campaign promise to revive America's coal country won't be kept.


During his campaign, his motto was "Trump Digs Coal." After 2020, that promise may be kept. It helped produce big wins in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.



A massive coal plant -- the Navajo complex in the desert in Arizona -- that asked for Trump's help has gone dark. It would be proved to be one of many failed attempts by Trump to help save coal plants.


Last year, Trump's effort to subsidize some coal generators supplied by miner and long-time Trump supporter Robert E. Murray fell apart.


Murray's company ended up filing for bankruptcy in October.


In February, TVA decided to close a coal-fired plant in Kentucky, despite Trump calling for the utility to keep it open, and they stated they do not plan to build anymore.


On the subject of minerals in his letter, that was the reason Trump wanted to buy Greenland. Now, because of that, the Danish Intelligence has classified it as its number one security risk.


While on the subject of bankruptcies, farmers filing for bankruptcy are up 24 percent over last year, even after Trump has paid them billions, because of the trade war strain. Nearly 10 percent of farmers may go out of business this year. The farmers reap what the president sows.


Dean Foods, which buys milk from thousands of small farmers, filed for bankruptcy in October.


Trump announced recently that China was going to buy $40 to $50 billion of soybeans next year, but it's really over two years, that the farmers may need to buy bigger tractors (from one of America's great companies, John Deere) and more land.


The next week, John Deere announced layoffs at plants in Iowa and Illinois, one of the reasons being weak demand for agriculture equipment.


Trump said trade wars are good and easy to win.


These people above aren't tired from winning, but "broke" from losing.


James Hodges






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