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Doesn't understand why Republicans don't hold Trump accountable


It's the Democrats who are holding Trump accountable for his lying and his criminal ways, to keep America great.


As much as he lies to the American people, he doesn't have the right to call anybody unpatriotic.



The Washington Post says since his election, he has lied or distorted the truth over 30,000 times.


Trump and his administration have lied so much they have forced Kim Jong Un of North Korea to tell the truth.


In one of Kim's recent love letters to Trump, he asked Trump not to send Pompeo to negotiate with him. Says he is like a poisonous weed.


Rick Perry, who says Trump is God's choice, said in the primary that Trump was like a cancer on the conservative party. Which side of Perry do we believe?


Well, that's easy for me. Trump has only gotten worse and Perry is going to retire, and that should keep Perry from being fired.


The Republican party claims to be the party of God. They know God is going to hold Trump accountable for lying.


Why on Earth don't the Republicans hold him accountable?


The House and Democrats will vote to impeach Trump and the Senate and Republicans will vote not to, more than likely.


Here's a tweet to the Republican party by George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, one of Trump's counselors, who Trump describes as her husband from hell:


Blessed be thou hush money,


Mayest all Quid Pro Quo's be twine, and mayest thou falsehoods persuade the multitudes.


James Hodges






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