Letter: Appreciates kindness from an 'angel of mercy'




On Aug. 21, I was a passenger on Delta Flight 174 from Atlanta to Amsterdam with my final destination being Berlin where I was to visit my son for two weeks. For some reason I passed out in the middle of the night as I went to the toilet in the back of the plane and woke up to find myself stretched out on the floor of the galley back of the toilet with many strange faces peering at me and asking if I was awake.


One of the faces was a man that I could scarcely see as I was not very clear-sighted or clear-headed, and it was somewhat dark. The face said he was a doctor and was most kind and reassuring. After taking my blood-pressure and listening to my heart he said that he was also from Mississippi, in fact Aberdeen up near Tupelo, he said.


They had gone to my seat and looked in my purse to see if there was anything they could find about medical conditions or medicines I might be taking and thus knew where I was from.



This made me feel even better because we all know Mississippians take care of each other. Later, after I was able to get back to my seat and had been sleeping a little, he came back and checked on me to be sure I was in truth recovering.


We had four or more hours left of our flight. I was at the back of the huge plane and after that did not see the "angel of mercy" from Aberdeen again. I do not even know his name or remember clearly what he looked like. I felt so sad that I could not tell him or the nice nurse from Amsterdam thank you for their kindness and care. The story ends well as I was fine by the time we got to Amsterdam and spent two wonderful weeks with my son in Germany.


When I got back home I decided to write a letter to Delta to thank their employees on the flight for their help and it occurred to me that I might be able to find a newspaper in Aberdeen and ask you to put this letter in the paper so that at least my rescuer could know that he is most appreciated.


Theresa Overstreet Younce






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