Voice of the people: Billy Harris




Supports open primaries


Dear Mr. Imes.


I write to express my full support for open primaries in Mississippi. I appreciate the column by Wyatt Emmerich in Monday's Dispatch and the information he shared about OpenPrimaries.Org



As this past election opened, I contacted one of my local state representatives about the issue, how it can be started, and whether or not there was any chance for success. The answer was that only a few states actually have open primaries, top party officials in the state would oppose the idea, and chances of passage are VERY slim.


Well, that may be; but, it positively won't happen if nobody starts the effort.


When you have excellent, qualified candidates in both parties, it is a shame to be barred from voting for one if you choose to vote for the other. I realize none of my local Democrats support the national party, but it gets tough on independents to justify action either way.


I encourage all voters to stay aware of the issue and support it any time and any way they can.


Billy Harris


Clay County




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