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Questions DA for suggesting clemency


Our local District Attorney Colom has publicly stated that he feels the newly elected governor should exercise his ability to pardon prisoners in the prison system.


Is this statement not a conflict of interest to his position? Was he not elected to PROSECUTE cases, which leads to prison time? If that is the case, why is he suggesting pardons for the people that he likely helped send to prison? Probation could be an answer, but to suggest a pardon for a criminal to wipe the their record clean is not a punitive measure that should be offered for a crime that earned a prison sentence.



We see reports in The Dispatch of judges sentencing offenders to probation, fines, and suspended sentences, or sometimes all three. The persons who receive these sentences must have shown some sort of remorse, have a plan to better themselves and stay out of trouble, or be first time offenders. Therefore, that leads me to believe the ones in prison have been down this road before.


For Mr. Colom to suggest pardons as a solution to overcrowding and the poor conditions of the state's prisons makes him appear a "weak on crime" District Attorney who does not have the best interest of the victim as the most important factor of his job.


I was under the impression that the District Attorney was a representative for the victims, and not the offenders.


Carol Anne Beard






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