Voice of the people: Kerry Blalock




Prison concerns


I have read a lot this week concerning all the problems in our state prison. I read our politicians' solutions, and I am appalled. I have a vulnerable elderly relative who was conned out of over $250,000 after being deceived by addicts. I had five people convicted for these crimes. All five had been convicted of other crimes previously. All but one are back on the street and back to doing what they do for drugs. I do not believe probation or parole work in most cases. This person worked over 40 years and saved for retirement. That money is gone and won't be returned. These people were ordered to pay restitution, but rules of society don't apply to them. These addicts take advantage of friends and family and commit a lot of crimes to support their habit. The average meth addict requires over $70,000 per year to support their habit. They don't hold a job, they don't contribute to society and they provide us with plenty of their offspring to support.


I see where Scott Colom and Kabir Karriem want to bring their folks back home. These aren't choir boys they want to release, they are criminals. They are locked up for a reason. Our two politicians seem to side with Jay Z, an admitted former crack dealer and Yo Gotti. Keep in mind rappers are well known for degrading women, promoting drug use and violence. Scott Colom is concerned for the living conditions of these convicts. Apparently he has not left his large fine northside home to see how these people live in the outside world. I don't believe probation or parole work in most cases. Mr. Colom thinks we can improve conditions of our prisons without spending a dime. The cost to us citizens will be much greater with these felons free. He says you may be surprised to hear that he wants clemency being a district attorney. In my opinion we have not had a district attorney since Forrest Allgood was ousted after doing a phenomenal job for victims. What we have now is a man that would be more suited to be a social worker or public defender than district attorney. Mr. Colom seems to put his concerns for the criminal and their family over the victims.



My suggestion is if Mr. Colom and Mr. Karriem want to help bring their folks home maybe they should sponsor some of them, take them into their homes and charge them rent. Then you can take that rent and apply it to both of your very past due property taxes (according to public records) since I can only assume you are a little short on funds and you both make your living off my taxes.


Kerry Blalock


Concerned and angry citizen






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