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Announces start of LED streetlight replacement


After extensive planning and preparation, the City of Columbus will begin the installation of new LED streetlights in Columbus starting this week. Brighter white, state-of-the-art LED lights are replacing every yellow (sodium) streetlight on Columbus streets. Work begins tomorrow, Monday, January 27, 2020, and will take approximately three to four months to complete.


Over the last year, city leaders have worked with the Mayor's office, Columbus City Council and officials from Columbus Light and Water (CLW) to develop a plan to replace over 4,000 existing streetlights within the city with brighter and more energy-efficient LED fixtures.



This city-wide upgrade will accomplish several important goals for residents of Columbus. First, increased lighting will support safety and security improvements. Second, the project will save the city over $10 million over the next 20 years versus the current outdated lighting system.


Safety, professionalism, and communications are top priorities during the street light conversion. Professional installers are working to install these lights. Each Monday, the Mayor's office will provide an update on the progress of the project and what part of the city where work will be scheduled for that week.


If residents have scheduling or technical specifics questions on the project, please contact any of the persons below.


We look forward to completing the project, and thank you for any feedback you would like to share.


Robert Smith, Sr.


Mayor, City of Columbus





Joe Dillon, City of Columbus, Public Information Officer, Mitigation Manager, 662-251-3746


Shawn Stutzman, LightEdison, Director of Construction, 720-636-1961


Nick Walley, LightEdison, Project Superintendent, 330-979-8367


Russ Phillips, Path Company, Co-Founder and Principal, 901-896-5130


Rudy Watkins, PATH Company, Vice President, 901-647-5816




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