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Appreciates Trump


I am so thankful and proud of Donald J. Trump, truly, our greatest President. I am amazed at the great number of good accomplishments he's brought about in our country and the rest of the world in only three years. It's incredible how he keeps standing and fighting to make us great again while the Democrats in D.C. are doubling down on being their usual selves: mean and nasty. It's plain anti-American. Oh yeah, they have been using all their old liberal schemes, and now have actually gone way beyond their old trouble-making bag of tricks by inventing new meaner ones to add to the bag. However, President Trump just keeps on keeping his promises and much more. It seems to me that every day, one way or another, he is Trumping every bad/evil card they play.


Well, today is January 24, and he has put some icing on the cake. None of our past presidents have gone to and spoken at the Annual March for Life. President Trump is the first and only president to do that very thing. As I sat in my den watching him speak, I realized just how blessed we are to have him in our White House and could not help tearing up as I thanked our God for this event and that I was able to watch it. So should every born again Christian in our country.



Now to be fair and balanced, Obama, who stood for partial birth abortion, was the first to ever speak at a Planned Parenthood national convention. And Clinton before him was very pro-abortion but evidently he didn't go to any of their conventions.


Again, today will be remembered forever because President Trump has made some more good history just as he did when he moved our embassy to Jerusalem and recognized it as the capital of Israel. Another promise kept that other presidents could have done but would not do it.


Raymond Gross






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