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Response to accusations of bias


Earlier this month, Paul Mack accused me of not being objective in my comments concerning the State of the Union. He made reference to the refusal of the President, who was ready to face the world and make the most important and greatest speech of his life, to shake Nancy Pelosi's hand. I saw several camera angles of that on Fox News and it was obvious the President didn't refuse to shake anybody's hand. Mr. Mack probably doesn't watch much of Fox News, and I'm pretty sure he didn't see it on his main news sources. Nor did he see the poll where over half the country felt it was not a refusal by our President. Now common sense would dictate the opposite. I'm thinking Nancy Pelosi didn't want to shake hands with President Trump and never will -- seeing how she has been trying to destroy him and his family for many moons which has been obvious to the whole universe. To be fair and objective about this, if the President had shook the hand of VP Pence, which he didn't do, and then not shaken Pelosi's hand -- I would have questioned that for sure.


Another point to counter: He claimed that I am more biased than he is. And that I'm not capable of seeing inside me. Well that's a pretty far out opinion of me, and he has a right to his own opinion, but I disagree completely. I haven't bad mouthed any on his list of Democrats running for President, and I have to confess sins more often than even Mitt Romney.



Mr. Mack made a point that we are similar. Not so. He likes to read my letters for some reason, which is good; I don't read his letters though because of the undeserved put-downs about President Trump. He brags about being a Democrat; I say I'm a Conservative Independent who votes for the person, not a party.


Raymond Gross






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