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First responders deserve more appreciation


I have been traveling for business the last couple of weeks, so I am a little behind on the actions of local government. It is always nice to travel the roads in other cities and states where they actually enforce litter laws. To an outsider one would assume you get fined in Columbus for not throwing trash out of your automobile.


I understand our newly rewired amphitheater has flooded again as it will many times in the future at our expense. I witnessed the electricians putting in a new panel three weeks ago when I saw the generic camera system that was installed in the control room.



I saw where Supervisor Brooks had an issue with the Volunteer Fire Departments needing additional radios. From what I have been able to gather, Fire Chief Wayne Doyle followed the chain of command by going to his supervisor and then to Ms. Lawrence. I'm not understanding why Mr. Brooks felt like he needed to call the chief overbearing and indignant. Anyone who has followed Mr. Brooks' long and colorful tenure with the board could possibly use those very words to describe him. Chief Doyle has always run a tight ship and like his men he volunteers his time. These are the men that want to help the citizens by saving lives and property. They don't have to do this. These firemen would save Mr. Brooks' life or property if called upon, despite his attitude toward them. The radios are a lifeline to keep these first responders and citizens safe and should not be an issue for Mr. Brooks. I'm sure if it was a $15,000 taxpayer donation for his "pet" festival he would have no issue with it at all. We under pay our first responders and the volunteers receive no pay at all. It is time to start showing them some respect and gratitude.


I'm grateful for our first responders.


Kerry Blalock






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