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City announces projects


This past Thursday, the City Council, Mayor, department heads, and staff from the City of Columbus spent a full day together in a city planning session. The day was a huge success, and I want to share with you the details of the event.


The needs that are important to our city were discussed in great detail. These items ranged from litter pickup to electrical codes to paving and road repair. Five of our City Council members, representatives from Neel-Schaffer Engineers, J5 Project Management, all 16 departments, our City Attorney, and Public Information Officer from our city all participated in wide-ranging discussions.



The sessions were filled with practical, real-life projects that included projects for each department and also how we can achieve those goals. Each department prepared support documents to outline details on the steps needed for completion.


In all, there were over 140 pages of material presented in this meeting. Beginning today, Sunday, February 16, I will post these documents on the city's social media Facebook page and also distribute it to the press. I will share these presentations two departments at a time due to a large amount of material. Anyone desiring a copy via email can send a request to [email protected]


I encourage our citizens to read these plans as we work together to continue to make Columbus a great place to live, work, and raise a family.


Robert Smith, Sr.


Columbus Mayor




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