Roses and Thorns 9-26-10




A rose to the city of Columbus, Lowndes County, and the Columbus Lowndes Recreation Authority for the open, public process if has gone through to get public input on the soccer complex and park planned for Burns Bottom. Citizens were allowed to weigh in on the specifics during three public hearings, and plans were altered to meet some concerns. 


Work on the park, to be located in Burns Bottom off Main Street in downtown Columbus, could begin a soon as January. The first phase of the project will include construction of fields, lighting, parking, restrooms, concessions and other work.  


After years of talking, we''re glad plans for the park are under way, and we commend all leaders involved for keeping the public tuned in and informed of the park''s progress. 




A rose to the city of Starkville, Oktibbeha County and Mississippi State University, for joining together to land a $95,000 grant that will make Starkville a little greener. 


The city, Sheriff''s Office and Mississippi State University were approved for a $95,000 Mississippi Development Authority grant to install new technology on vehicles and allow them to run on gasoline and propane. Gasoline will be used to start the converted vehicles and as a secondary fuel system, but propane will be the primary power source. 


The technology allows the cars to save $1 per gallon on fuel. The savings in taxpayer money, and less emissions polluting the air, allow us all to breathe a little easier. 




Roses of condolences to employees of Starkville-based Cadence Bank, some of whose jobs are in jeopardy after the bank agreed to be swallowed up by rival Trustmark National Bank in a deal announced Wednesday. Columbus, in particular, could be hard hit, with both banks operating branches and offices downtown. One of the two will likely close as Trustmark looks to consolidate its operations. 


Workers have a little breathing room for the time being, as the plan won''t be official until early next year. But we bemoan the loss of decent-paying jobs that will be the result. 




A thorn to New Hope Assistant principal Robin Ballard, who failed to report the fondling of a first-grade girl by a classmate on the elementary school playground.  


Not reporting such instances is a crime, and Ballard faces a misdemeanor charge. 


Parents should able to trust teachers and administrators are watching over their children and keeping them safe and secure in a positive learning environment. The incident has left some parents in the district shaken. We hope this is a one-time lapse in judgment that the county school district is taking seriously. 


We also hope this serves as a reminder for parents to teach their children what type of touching is appropriate and what isn''t.



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