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Wants more local voices on opinion page


I was just reading through my Thursday's Commercial Dispatch newspaper and am so disheartened that I just had to write you a response regarding your selection of the contributors in the Opinion section of your paper. I understand this particular section is for "opinions" and not factual news. However, once again I see submitted syndicated columnist from people living far from our state who are haters of our president. As usual, the attitude of these authors is biased, hateful and condemning of anything associated with the current president, with so many discrepancies and half-truths. Why must we be reading something from someone from northern U.S. or Japan instead of neighboring locations? Are there no publications or articles contributed from authors in our region of the U.S. that is worthy of printing? I know we all have a difference of political opinion and have a freedom to express our opinions; but surely there is something more enlightening and believable than this long distance propaganda hate mail. It's getting really old and I'm to the point that the comic section and puzzles are all I'm interested in. If syndicated reporting is used to fill space, please do better in what is selected to print and go local, or at least regional.


Elaine Turner







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