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Comments on lock-down rules and other recent news


It has been 12 weeks since I've seen my 102 year old mother. I am thankful she is a resident of Trinity nursing home, where I know her needs are met and she is cared for and loved. The hard thing is the lack of physical contact, and me trying to explain to my mother why I can't see her. Another beef I have is, we are allowed to go to the "Big Box" stores, but no church worship. If we do start worshiping, there's no singing. That will spread the virus. Social distancing, wearing face mask, washing hands makes sense, but shutting down everything has been counter productive.


This is where liberalism comes in. There are those on the left that want government to control everything. Socialism? If you like the lock down, you'll love socialism. Another liberal point is calling someone racist for making the public aware of the facts that some people in public offices that are making money off the tax payer and are not paying their taxes. This not racism. It is true hard cold facts found from the public record. Race didn't have anything to do with it. In my opinion it took a degree of courage to make it public. Using "racist" because you don't agree with facts is getting old, real old.



Now to leadership. Leadership is achieved based on the accuracy of the facts presented. The President made decisions based on facts given to him, even if they were flawed. The models, assumptions and "what ifs" he received made it difficult some time to make the correct decision. But considering everything, the pandemic has leveled off. Maybe as they say the "new normal" can start. God bless our first responders and medical personnel. We American should stand united, shoulder to shoulder and "Thank God" you were born in this great country.


God Bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar






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