Voice of the people: Elaine Hegwood




Shocked by unpaid taxes


Shock and awe, that is what citizens of Lowndes County should feel when they see two full pages of 2017 delinquent taxes. 2017!


I have always read the paper in total but the current situation has me at home and allowed me time to read the fine print.



On just the first page of the list there are 25 individuals with between two and nine properties. Let's not forget one individual with 26 and another with 19. These are just every day citizens, Realtors, politicians and a legal eagle.


Lowndes County is preparing to take money from the hospital interest account to complete projects. Let's face it: Columbus city is on its last legs with real and intended debt.


Why, with accounts receivable worthy of two pages of The Dispatch.


Don't look now but it seems to me there are others in the city or county who should resign. They sure aren't minding the store.


Elaine Hegwood





Editor's note: As a point of information, annual tax lien sales make the county and city "whole" each year so budgets are not directly hurt when individuals and companies do not pay their property taxes on time. If delinquent property owners don't pay off their liens (plus interest), they risk losing their property.





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