Voice of the people: Jim Terry




Points out concerns with broadband service


A concern which is troubling to me, stemming back to when I served as county supervisor, is the implementation of broadband in Mississippi's rural areas. I am happy to see legislation out of Jackson that will deal with at least some of these problems.


I said, "some" of these problems.



As county supervisor when I took it upon myself to drive around the state, particularly the Delta regions, I noticed something quite disturbing: the poorer the county, the less likely one is to find broadband towers. Now, if the county was predominantly black, your chances of coming across a broadband tower is zero!


Every year broadband companies (in the same way that TVA did with electric towers during the New Deal) pay millions in rent to property owners for the use of their land to erect broadband towers. This could mean as much as a $3,000 per month windfall for life. But notice how these broadband companies seem to go out of their way not to erect towers on the lands of black property owners. I have seen great swaths of black land owners whose property surrounds some landlocked patch of land belonging to a white property owner whose sole plot of land stands a sky-reaching broadband tower. Even in little Sandfiled there stands a tower, but guess on whose property?


Who would have thought that race can and has played a major factor in producing an efficient national internet grid?


Next time you're out for a country drive, take a look for yourself.


Jim Terry






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