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Disappointed with Rep. McLean's votes on flag


I am very disappointed with Dana McLean's votes on the Mississippi flag. Unbelievably she voted to NOT get rid of the flag when the House of Representatives, of which she is a member, voted 91 to do away with the flag and only 23 to keep it. Yes, Dana was one of the 23 voting officially to continue with our present flag. Yes, she let Mississippi down.


Even our Governor stepped up and signed the bill to change the flag. He had said hundreds of times (including when he was running for office) that he wanted a majority vote by citizens as the way to change the flag. Yet he signed to allow the flag to be replaced. Dana did not! She voted no to suspend the rules to allow our elected officials to vote on the flag, and then voted no on a bill to remove the present flag. Dana McLean voted twice to stop a change of the flag. Some might say Dana flunked. She did not grab the opportunity to change from honoring Mississippi's past to allowing Mississippi to be all it could be in the future.



Fortunately, despite her vote, 91 elected representatives voted to change our flag and only 22 joined Dana in voting not to change our flag rather than possibly facing a risky public vote that might possibly have kept our old flag. Dana cannot change her vote on the most important vote in the past century. Her action caused her to miss the boat -- a rather historic boat.


Within mere minutes after the bill was signed by the Governor, the former state flag was removed from atop the Mississippi Capitol. It is a done deal.


Dana McLean has three more years on her term as a Lowndes County representative. I imagine many will be watching closely.


Albert "Chance" Laws, M.D.







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