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Comments on Trump's lack of leadership during pandemic


When this pandemic first started, Trump claimed some very good experts told him coronavirus would not affect the U.S.


Once it started, Trump said it would just disappear, the heat will destroy it. Check out Florida this week.



Not only are we absent leadership at the state level, but also at the national level.


Journalism professors call on networks to stop airing Trump's coronavirus briefings live because they are marked by Trump's own misinformation, deceptions, rage, blaming and boasting.


For weeks, Trump and his allies would not wear a face mask.


After almost 130,000 deaths and 3 million people infected with the virus, they are finally coming around to saying it's a good idea to wear a mask.


Dr. Fauci says wearing a mask is the right thing to do, but the Lt. Gov. of Texas (Republican) where COVID-19 is breaking records for number of cases, says he is tired of listening to him.


Another Republican governor wants to do away with the COVID-19 committee.


Trump, even today, claims the coronavirus will just disappear.


In the meantime, it looks like some of his allies and Secret Service agents will disappear from having it.


With the number of new cases setting records on a daily basis, Trump quote: So I said to "my" people, slow the testing down, please.


This song lyric reminds me of this administration and its allies: If loving you is wrong, I don't want to do what's right.


Wear a mask!


With the election coming shortly, the conservative networks are going to try to convince the voters that Biden is an idiot and a moron.


James Hodges






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