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Thinks Sanders' fate should be handled by District 1 voters


Well, it's Friday evening. Glenda and I just watched the goings on at the foot of Mount Rushmore. What an impressive evening, which included a very great speech by our President and then the most beautiful fireworks on the mountain that we've ever seen.


After that I took time to read some local news, which turned out to be a mood-killing decision.



Grown men on the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors were talking about being insulted. They were very angry and furious at someone they've worked with for many years, and they were worried about the amount of damage the board had done as a result of their efforts to force Harry to resign, which in my book is going way overboard. He resigned from the president's position at the beginning of this meeting, and now that's not really what they wanted. They want him to leave and never come back? This is after he had already said he was sorry and asked for forgiveness, a second chance. There was one sensible comment made about maybe leaving it in the hands of District 1 voters. The ones who elected him might ought to be the ones to take action, vote him out in the next election, or let them get signatures to ask him to resign if they didn't want him to represent them anymore. Heck, I remember not too long ago when our Mayor and a city councilman had a fight in City Hall and how the council handled it more like adults without everybody becoming "enraged" as Mr. Brooks put it. Looks like this situation could have been handled in a similar fashion and taken care of in house, so to speak. I remember the councilman and Mayor were given letters of reprimand by the council. That settled it.


I couldn't help but think that all this is going on smack dab in the middle of "The Friendly City." I'm thinking that Mr. Higgins was wrong for signing his name on a letter intended to convince Sanders to resign too. Then the most disappointing of all was when I read Mr. Brooks brought his Bible to the meeting and told about his rededication experience but then went into hateful comments about his bitterness and enragement. Somehow that doesn't go together. The comments about shutting down the county needed not to be said. Let's pray Mr. Brooks really changed the way he said he had. Let's also pray that his actions will prove that his experience was real and that he will begin forgiving. Naturally as Christians we are commanded to "love one another so the world can see that we are Children of God."


Raymond Gross






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