Our View: Roses and thorns 7/5/20




A rose to "Fair Food To Geaux," which has set up shop across the old K-Mart location on Highway 45 location. Operated by Crescent City Carnivals out of Slidell, La., "Fair Food To Geaux" features five vendors selling all the foods normally available at fairs and carnivals - everything from funnel cakes, fry breads, cotton candy, ice cream treats and an assortment of "food on a stick" items. It also includes a single game booth where folks can win prizes by shooting cork guns at plastic cups. While carnivals have been sidelined because of COVID-19 fears, it's nice to be able to get a taste of the fair. We take it as a reminder that someday we will again be able to enjoy so many of the things now interrupted by COVID-19. The operation runs through July 12, so there's plenty of time to indulge in your favorite fair food fetish.



A rose to our community's best "star-gazers." Last week, a research team that included Mississippi State associate professor Angelle Tanner and MSU Ph.D student Claire Genesare, discovered a new planet. The planet was discovered orbiting a star 31.9 light years from Earth. The discovery emphasizes the vastness of space and how much there is yet to be discovered. We believe the work will also inspire a new generation of physics/astronomy students. Expanding our knowledge of space is not some esoteric enterprise. Time and time again, we have learned that the skills and technology employed in space exploration results in practical applications here on Earth. Much of the technology we use today is a result of our nation's space program. We salute our two star-gazers for their contributions in this exciting discovery.




A rose to all those in our community who continue to take common-sense -- and scientifically proven -- precautions designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Even as cases continue to soar in our state and communities, there are many who are resistant to taking these precautions. This is particularly true when it comes to wearing masks. Those who object argue either masks are not effective or are an infringement upon personal liberties. But given what is at stake, the simple truth is that no one is materially harmed by wearing a mask. It's a very simple request. That's why we applaud all those who understand this simple truth and wear masks as a show that they care about their health and the health of their neighbors.




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