Voice of the people: James Clayton Terry




Proposes alternate monument


Gentleman of the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors, I commend you all on the vote to remove the Confederate monument from the public grounds of our courthouse. Adding to that august achievement, I have a modest proposal which I trust you will eagerly entertain. Why don't we erect in its place a monument in commemoration of the victorious Union Army?


Make no mistake, although we fondly use the term "Union Army" to coin our gallant men in blue, who the South was fighting against was really the United States Army. Every insignia, badge, horseflesh, wagon and firearm with which every lad carried into battle bore the letters USA, not Union. In other words, these were American soldiers fighting an enemy who had disavowed his allegiance to the United States of America in a bloody conflict of arms which would have assured the chattel subjugation of a whole class of non-offending people.



Now, why would any loyal, red blooded, patriotic American be against erecting a glorious monument on behalf of those American soldiers and naval men who, during the smoke and blast of hellish civil war, had laid down their lives on the sacred altar of freedom?


James Clayton Terry






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