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Election tactics


I read that the emergent tactic of the GOP is to claim that Joe Biden is suffering "obvious cognitive decline." "Sleepy Joe" now lacks the clear mind needed to run our country. His "visibly diminished mental capacities" would prevent him from coping with the challenges we face today.


I wondered at this tactic. George W. Bush proved that a great mind, or even a good mind, was not needed if the President had effective advisors. Why attack Mr. Biden's cognition? The answer came swiftly. If your candidate has a problem that might hurt his chances in an election, accuse your opponent of having it worse.



So far, the accusation against Mr. Biden is phrased with terms like "visibly diminished" or "transparent deterioration." No actual examples are offered. No clinical results are cited. Saying it makes it true.


Now let us examine President Trump. At the beginning of his presidency, he would never have suggested that people take cleaning products internally. He would never have quoted a woman in a news conference who had claimed that gynecological problems are caused by sex with demons in dreams. After more than three years in office, for the first time I can recall, President Trump has given in to his advisors and declared mask wearing to be a good thing. To me, this shows declining confidence in his own views, something he had previously shown to be near absolute. This is a sign of cognitive decline.


If we cared enough about President Trump's adultery for it to threaten his election, perhaps we would be reading about "Don Joe", as in Don Giovanni, the famous womanizer.


Bill Gillmore






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