Voice of the people: Paul Mack




A short letter of thanks


I came out from my physical therapy appointment Monday at Columbus Orthopedic to find that someone had very kindly left a note on my window saying that I had a flat tire. The flat was on the right rear; I am sure I would not have noticed and would have driven away on it if this kind person had not taken the time. So, to whoever you are, thank you so much. You made an important difference in my day.


One might say it was a small thing -- but it really wasn't. As I finally began to understand about the time that I moved to Columbus, the small things are not so small. In fact, goofy as it sounds, in my view, the small things are actually the big things in life. I don't think it is a coincidence that I came to this realization when I did. Not at all. It's another reason why it feels good to call Columbus home.



Thanks also to Berry Hinds for his respectful letter of reminder to Supervisor Sanders and others to set examples for us constituents. Mr. Sanders may not have earned the respect, at least not of late, but I applaud Mr. Hinds still giving it, nevertheless.


Paul Mack






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