Voice of the people: Cheryl Arnold




Proud of the flag


Having retired many years ago, we tend to get in a routine; and living in the country, you establish your weekly trip to town. With the pandemic all other shopping trips or dining out days having been put on hold, on Friday, after my standing appointment at the beauty shop, I turned left off of Bluecutt onto Highway 45. I guess I have passed Columbus Marble Works a million times and never was as touched as I was yesterday. That huge, beautiful American flag was waving in the wing. How wonderful it is to live in a country with such freedom and how blessed we all are in the USA. If you have ever visited a foreign country or lived in a foreign country, you truly appreciate our country! We should never forget and remain thankful for how blessed we all are! When was the last time you really looked up at that flag?


Cheryl Arnold



Ethelsville, Alabama




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