Voice of the people: James Hodges




Thinks Biden will look strong in debates against Trump


I see no reason why the three debates between Biden and Trump will be a problem for Biden.


In fact, it will be a win-win for Biden.



With Trump's lying as natural as breathing, Trump will be doing both on the stage with Biden.


There will be a lot of conservatives shocked to realize how much Trump lies, because they only watch conservative news and read conservative articles like Patrick Buchanan's piece in The Dispatch. And, of course, there will be no mention of Trump lying.


But I'm sure Biden will be calling out his lies as Paula Reid of CBS did Saturday at the Trump press conference.


Trump said he passed the Vets Choice Healthcare Law and Paula Reid told him to his face that is a false statement.


And that's when Trump said, thank you, everybody, and left. That one hit him hard.


It will be interesting to see which one Trump tries to destroy, Paula or CBS, or both. He will definitely show his dictator instinct over that one.


Vets Choice was passed by Obama in 2014.


Biden should eat him up over the coronavirus.


When Trump was sworn in, Obama explained a pandemic game plan that he left for Trump, and Trump destroyed it.


And the economy.


Well, Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Obama-Biden.


James Hodges






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