Roses & Thorns




Roses to Columbus Main Street for putting on the city''s first New Year''s Eve bash. 




Hundreds of Columbus residents ushered in the new year on a frigid winter night with Nash Street playing in the background and a silver-fabric ball dropping from a cherry picker. 




An estimated 750 exuberant people poured into downtown Columbus Wednesday night for the celebration, which also featured the band Hope and the Family Jewels. 




Main Street plans to make the celebration an annual event. The organization continues to produce innovative events that get people into our lovely downtown and foster community spirit. Nice job, Main Street. 




A rose to the city of Columbus for offering a way for residents to recycle their Christmas trees. 




Starting Monday, the city''s Public Works Department will chop live trees into mulch for free. 




The program ends Friday, Jan. 23; until then people can take their trees to the city''s landfill at 2221 Armstrong Road near the intersection of S. Lehmberg and Yorkville roads and, for no charge, the tree will be ground into mulch. 




Participants can collect the remains of their trees and use the mulch for their home gardens.



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