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Praises August paper and encourages continued letter-writing


As all days, today is a good day to be positive, and a good day to thank several folks at The Dispatch for their contributions to the Sunday, August 23, Dispatch, as well as a couple of recent letter-writers. I originally wrote this letter on August 24 but other events crowded it to the 'wayside'. Perhaps a bit late to be paying complements but they're still due so I'm sending it anyway.


First, kudos to Zack Plair and his fine column on the challenges to education during these Covid times. Schools have been tasked with a horde of new challenges with no increase in resources with which to deal with them. In fact, sometimes even less than before.



Second, thanks to Birney Imes, I hereby resolve to find more time to sip my coffee at dawn on our porch rather than while watching rehash after rehash of the same news. And find me a Congo Red melon to eat in a cemetery!


Lastly, thanks to both James Hodges and Ghanshyam Heda for their most recent thoughtful letters. Heda's, in particular, made me disagree even more with the S. Kelly political cartoon from the same Sunday paper with the two columns I mentioned above: I find it hard to believe that many people would call Joe Biden a lesser of two "evils." After 40-plus years of public service and personal sacrifice, I think Biden deserves a bit more than that. I have absolutely the same sense of Biden's VP pick, Senator Kamala Harris.


And now that it's September 14 and I've read James Hodges' letter. I'd like to use this forum to beg Roger Wade to change his mind! Please, sir, we need your voice here for the duration. You are being heard by people who tell me they are reading the letters.


I need all the help I can get ­-- and am informed by all contributors in some way or other.


Paul Mack






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