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Dist. 37 candidate asks for vote


Hello! My name is Vicky Rose. This Tuesday, residents of Oktibbeha, Clay, and Lowndes counties have a choice. With the retirement of State Representative Gary Chism, voters in District 37, for the first time in over 20 years, will be sending someone new to Jackson to advocate on their behalf. I've been endorsed by Republican State Representative Dana Criswell and others, and I want to be your choice to fill that position. Principles of a free society, a small and limited government, and frugal use of tax dollars have been revered since this country was founded. Government grows as its budget grows. Since 2004, the state budget has doubled, all while Republican governors held power. From 2012 to 2020, the state budget increased by approximately 50% while the GOP also had control of both the State House and Senate. Is this actually fiscal responsibility? Is it conservative to force small businesses to shut down? Are statewide mask mandates or the current talk of forced Covid 19 vaccines conservative?


There are also a lot of Mississippians who feel the system is failing them.



In addition to the things already mentioned, our state has the second highest incarceration rate in the nation. Having lived in Mississippi and met so many citizens of our great state, I believe that we are simply locking people up for too many reasons. When we put people in jail or prison, it should be because they are dangerous threats to the citizens. Every time we imprison someone, it costs taxpayer dollars. Every time someone has criminal charges levied against them, it makes it harder for them to get a job. When it's harder for them to get a job, it means the workforce and economic output of our state suffers. Additionally, imprisoning someone means we are more likely to have another person on unemployment, another broken home, and a new generation starting off at a disadvantage. We need to be certain that we are using our legal system only to protect our citizens, and be aware of the consequences of our actions if we don't.


The fact is that whether I win or lose this race, I will continue to work inside the state legislature and the community to ensure District 37 becomes the best it can be.


I believe it's our job to work to leave this world better than we found it for later generations. I hope you find all of this to be reason enough to send me to Jackson where I can make the biggest impact for you and your neighbors in District 37. I'm Vicky Rose, and I'd like to thank you in advance for believing in me and giving me your vote.


Vicky Rose


West Point




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