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Candidate asks for support


I am overwhelmingly thankfully for your vote this past Tuesday. My friend Mr. Wright is admired and respected in the community. As such, we consider the results a small victory.


My name is David Chism. I am from Mississippi and I love Mississippi. My educational background includes degrees from MUW, Lee University and a doctorate from the Institute for Worship Studies. I am a businessman, now in the October 13 runoff for House District 37.



My goal from the beginning both politically and personally has been to remain relentlessly positive in the face of everything that 2020 offers. However, positivity has not been easy.


My opponent Mr. Wright penned a letter to The Dispatch dated 9/21/20, wherein he curiously repudiated my allegiance to the Republican Party. To that I respond. I am, to the core, an open-hearted Republican whose political philosophy lies somewhere between that of Reagan and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). I have libertarian friends who have good ideas, such as increasing privatization and limiting government control. That said, the moment they forget about our nation's moral compass, I part ways with their ideology. I stand for liberty and for Christian values, believing that the two are not mutually exclusive. I call for less anarchy and more law and order.


Fresh air is much needed for the survival of the Republican Party. To attract younger leadership, we must rid ourselves of the elitist, establishment mentalities of yesteryear. The voters I have spoken with refer to this as "good ole boy" politics, and they are tired of it. They want a candidate who will address issues.


From day one, my campaign has wrestled serious topics including the pandemic, economics, social unrest, and how these issues affect rural Mississippi. I have collaborated with local leaders, talked with constituents, built a platform, and made that platform publicly available for voter scrutiny. Literally anyone who listened to the tale of two speeches at the recent Republican Women's meeting will tell you that I went to the battlefront while my opponent spoke about football. Since then I have continued to initiate discussions on difficult, important, and often controversial issues.


Friends, this is no coronation. This election involves a lot of different people. The entire district (including West Point through Maben where we won big) deserves a voice.


From day one I have pushed for broadband expansion and fiscal conservatism while emphasizing freedom, faith, and family. For more info visit davidchism.com and facebook.com/david.house.ms. I welcome ALL your questions and concerns, and pledge to publicly respond to them as time allows.


The runoff is October 13. I will not let you down. I will remain readily available, with open ears.


Stay positive!


David Chism


Lowndes County




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