Voice of the people: Candi Vezina




Believes knowledge of civics is missing among Americans


I realize that The Commercial Dispatch leans Left in their political ideology. I am a Conservative Constitutionalist. The majority of the time we will disagree about political issues and that is okay.


The First Amendment of our Constitution protects our freedom of speech and freedom of the press among other things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, the media should be non bias in reporting. At one time (pre Obama) the media was able and could consistently report information in this manner but not anymore. I read the paper and watch the news to be better informed but I do not need to be manipulated how to think. It is up the the individual to determine what is best for "we the people" and how we want the government run to protect our Constitutional rights and to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic.



Our forefathers were extremely intelligent men that set up a Constitutional Republic as our form of government. A constitutional republic gives "we the people" the power to elect the chief executive and representatives to govern our country. They do not have unlimited or uncontrolled power. The Constitution was framed to give "we the people" the power to protect our country from a tyrannical government.


Civics, a social science dealing with the rights and duties of citizens needs to be taught in schools. I seriously doubt that most people would be able to pass the citizenship test. Americans have become quite lazy and seem willing to be "spoon fed" how to think and what to do. It is not okay to be ignorant of our rights and responsibilities.


American's need to educate themselves in how our country's government actually works.


"The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. A Democracy is not a Constitutional Republic. It is important to know the difference."


It is imperative that "We the people" educate ourselves about what is occurring in our country. We are voting our freedoms away. Constitutional Republic > Democracy Republic > Democratic Socialism > Socialism > Marxist Socialism


Wake up America!


Candi Vezina






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