Voice of the people: Hunter Perrigin




A challenge to be positive


Last Monday, we were fortunate enough to receive snow. As most residents of this region know, snow is a rare luxury. Having woken up around 6:00 A.M. that morning, I was able to view the streets of snow before they were disturbed by vehicles. Blankets of snow coupled with continuous snowfall painted a beautiful scenery, one that would be difficult to describe with words alone.


That peaceful snowfall drowned out all other noises that one would normally hear. Discord, strife, chaos, and uncertainty are all descriptors that many would agree are synonymous with this past year.



My challenge to my fellow man is to let our demeanor each day of this new year be a positive one -- a blanket of snow, if you would -- drowning out all discord, strife, chaos, and uncertainty.


Positivity can only be valid if it is genuine.


Hunter Perrigin






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