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Additional information on vaccine appointments


The Dispatch published my January 19 letter commending the large-scale vaccination site now in place at Fairview Baptist Church. In it, unfortunately, I failed to mention two potentially important aspects of this site -- 1) that you don't even have to get out of your car (probably one of the reasons why it is so efficient) and 2) that it is free of charge.


Anyone interested in making an appointment to get vaccinated should go to the following website to arrange one: https://covidvaccine.umc.edu/. Scroll down just a bit ad you should see a blue button that will move you into the sign-up process. It takes several steps to get to the pages where you select day and time for Lowndes County/Fairview Baptist but mornings seem the best time to move through the procedure rapidly.



I was just able to set up my appointment for my second vaccination to complete the vaccination process. To say that I am happy about it is putting it mildly. I want to sing the praises -- again - of the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Lowndes County division of same, Fairview Baptist Church, and the Mississippi National Guard that are making it happen -- nurses from the latter are the ones administering the vaccinations on site, even!


These are most welcome developments in a week when the number of deaths in our country surpassed 400,000. I should note that this depressing number was reached on the exact date projected by IHME when I checked back on Dec. 7, 2020; IHME is now projecting now that we will hit 500,000 in less than a month, on February 18th. Frightening, but we are on the right track now with the vaccine and maintaining social distancing and mask-wearing.


Paul Mack






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