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In a January 12 column, Wyatt Emmerich stated the attack on the Capitol was fueled by internet conspiracy theories.


Trump was the #1 reason for the attack on the Capitol by not conceding the election to Joe Biden and still hasn't. That's exactly why he should be impeached and convicted so he cannot ever hold a government office again.



But if he isn't convicted, New York prosecutors, who very shortly be investigating his tax and business dealings, could accomplish the same by prison time on Rikers Island.


And the #2 reason is because most all the Republicans went along with him.


They too, need to be punished, at the polls, but a few could be punished in court.


And #3 could be the internet companies, led by several right wing extremist groups, but only because of #1.


Even they are blaming their actions on Trump, and thought he should have pre-pardoned them. They are also finding out that when you pledge your loyalty to Trump, you lose.


In this same column, he says Biden, through his son, was gorging at the trough. I cannot find anything about Biden gorging at the trough. Did you mean hogs instead of Biden?


And finally, Mr. Emmerich states: Trump's attempt to discredit the few legitimate news organizations that still remain was an unforgettable piece to this tragic puzzle.


It would have been nice if you had named them, but I presume you had in mind CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS to name a few.


In Mr. Emmerich's most recent article, he states Section 230, pertaining to the Internet platform, will probably have to be decided by the Supreme Court.


Senator Wicker said he wanted it amended because they were bias against conservatives. And yet, it's a fact that the right-wingers use it four times more than the left.


Trump wanted Section 230 abolished because they blocked his tweets due to disinformation, lying and inciting riots.


With Trump gone, I believe the private sector will do a good job, as they are right now, of regulating their platforms.


James Hodges







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