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Response to letter which claimed Republicans will take back both chambers


In a February 15 letter to the editor, Mr. Raymond Gross asks the question: Can you possibly think of anything worthwhile that they (Democrats) could do now to make headlines persuasive enough to cause any legal real person to vote for them again?


Yes. To keep Trump from being inaugurated on March 4. QAnon followers, a splinter group of the Republican party, still believe he will be. National Guard will be ready.



In Mr. Gross's mind, he believes the Republicans will take back the House and Senate, and Trump will be elected president.


And here are some reasons they won't.


Republicans have emerged from the Capitol insurrection united against democracy by voting to censure the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.


Our Constitution and country is more important than any one person, Trump.


Hard to measure how bad Trump betrayed our Constitution.


Feds: Right-wing extremists responsible for majority of deadly terrorists attacks last year.


Republican party has essentially become a cult. QAnon's similarity to other cults.


White Christian radicalization within the Republican party is a violent and national security threat.


Trump impeachment is a matter of preserving our democracy.


McConnell: Trump lied to mob about election. He is practically and morally responsible for the insurrection on Jan.6.


Republican Senator Cassidy: I voted to convict Trump because he is guilty.


Republicans are suddenly in favor of a third political party by 63 percent, according to Gallup poll. Dozens of ex-GOP officials in talks to form third party.


Growing number of Republican donors aim to pry party from Trump influence. Thousands are fleeing the Republican party after insurrection.


The Republicans are unwilling to stand up to Trump and his attempts to undermine democracy.


The Chamber embraces Biden and the Republicans are pissed.


Never a bottom: The defining phrase of Trump's presidency was always a new low.


GOP riding Trump Titanic to bottom.


U.S. said rioters aimed to capture and assassinate officials.


James Hodges






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