Roses and thorns 11-14-10




A bouquet of roses to the Columbus Girlchoir and director Cherry Dunn, for making beautiful music in Columbus at different occasions. The choir performed this week at the Exchange Club''s salute to veterans at the Columbus Country Club, and has performed at different events throughout the city and county. 


If you haven''t been lucky enough to hear the choir, mark your calendar for Dec. 10 to get them at their best, at the choir''s annual Christmas concert, at 7:30 p.m. in the Fletcher-Jones Building of First United Methodist Church. 




A rose to all of those who organized the assemblies, meetings and parades -- and everyone who simply thanked a veteran for their service -- this Veterans Day. 


A few readers have bemoaned the lack of support locally for veterans. We think that Columbus and the entire Golden Triangle in general are pretty patriotic places, and that spirit was on display in area schools and businesses on Thursday. Schoolchildren serenaded veterans, while distinguished vets reminded us of their sacrifices and the value of service. 


We can''t say thanks to our veterans enough. 




A thorn to Harold Lathon, the ex-West Point mayoral candidate who had to be forcibly removed from the West Point Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday. 


Lathon was itching for a fight when he began heckling Mayor Scott Ross even before the meeting began. After more outbursts, he had to be dragged from the room. 


Lathon was upset that he wasn''t included on the meeting agenda to make a statement about economic development, an area in which he has displayed some expertise. But throwing a public tantrum is no way to address the problem. His bafflingly immature behavior destroyed much of his credibility, if not all of it, in that or any other subject area. 




Roses to the more than 500 volunteers, many of whom are Mississippi State students, who helped build this year''s Maroon Edition Habitat for Humanity Home at 265 Greenwood St. The home was dedicated on Tuesday. 


The 1,300-square-foot home is occupied by Katie Marie Gray and her two sons, Mark Allen Pittman and Scottie Pittman. Scottie is a student at Starkville High School and Mark Allen Pittman attends Mississippi State. Because Mark Allen has muscular dystrophy, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was built to be handicapped-accessible. The family lived previously in the Rockhill community.  


Gray, an employee of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District, was required to put her own "sweat equity" into construction of the house. 


Roses to the spouses of those serving at Columbus Air Force Base, some of whom have arrived in Columbus from far corners of the globe. 


Spouses of airmen and women gathered Tuesday at Old Waverly Golf Club for the annual Columbus Air Force Base luncheon honoring international residents. The event was sponsored by CAFB and East Mississippi Community College. 


The event honors the mix of cultures that can be found at the base. The group also helps international spouses adjust to life in the U.S. 


We hope those assigned here feel welcome in our community. We''re happy to have you.



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