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Fred Bell: Election time

There has been much in the news about the importance of Aug. 2 on the national level whether or not to raise the debt limit. While we are all interested in what's going on in Washington, remember that Aug. 2 is very important date here in Mississippi as well.



Our View: Columbus city school taxes

Posted 7/22/2011 in Dispatch Editorials

Brace yourself. This year -- as the Columbus school district struggles with decreased allocations from the state, lower local tax collections and the bill for a new $19.1 million school -- taxes will go up, again. The increase affects hundreds of taxpayers in Columbus and Lowndes County.



Peter Imes: An explanation of phone hacking

Posted 7/21/2011 in Local Columns

The recent phone hacking scandal in the U.K. has so far resulted in multiple resignations, arrests and the closure of a 168-year-old newspaper.



Cameron Triplett: Alcohol habit

This is a direct result of another "zero tolerance policy." The use (abuse?) of alcohol and/or other drugs while "on the clock," whether in public or private employ, should not be acceptable. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander.



J.M. Gilliam: Silly

How silly of Nan Lott to question our Rep. Jeff Smith about changing over to the Republican party.


Scott Colom: The value of self-control

Posted 7/20/2011 in Local Columns

The recent controversy about police chief St. John has awaken the ghosts of April Fool's Day 2010. On that day, Mayor Smith and Councilman Karriem got into a physical altercation at city hall. Chief St. John is presently accused of missing an administrative hearing because he had been allegedly drinking.

Birney Imes: The lessons of St. Joe

Posted 7/20/2011 in Local Columns

If Columbus Police Chief Joe St. John was struggling with any self-esteem issues, they were vanquished Tuesday evening at the city's Municipal Complex.


Bill Kane: New Zealanders concerned about fate of St. John

I note with some concern your article regarding the suspension of Chief Joseph St. John. I would like to make the point that he has no idea that I am writing this letter of support.


Roses and thorns 7-17-11

Posted 7/16/2011 in Roses & Thorns

"Green 6"; Mississippi University for Women Alumni Association and Mississippi's First Alumnae Association; Hoops for Troops organizers; and the R.E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center board

Birney Imes: The Joe St. John Phenomenon

Posted 7/16/2011 in Local Columns

If elections for mayor were held today and Police Chief Joe St. John was a candidate, I wouldn't want to be in the race. The crazy upshot of the chief's latest misstep seems to be a spike in his popularity.

Jay Lacklen: Courting economic disaster

Posted 7/15/2011 in Local Columns

The fast approaching Congressional Debt Ceiling deadline is playing out as a slow motion train wreck, one that has perhaps a fair chance of becoming a full blown economic train wreck. While there is blame on both political parties, I am again aghast at the current methods of the Republican Party I spent 30 years within.

Scott Colom: The hip-hop generation

Posted 7/13/2011 in Local Columns

Over the last 40 years, hip-hop music has been at the center of the debate over the influence of music on society. Critics argue that hip-hop has corroded American culture, that its glorification of misbehavior and female promiscuity promoted perverse morals in young people.


Our View: The public's right to know

Posted 7/13/2011 in Dispatch Editorials

In other states, personnel records such as like disciplinary action are open when it comes to public bodies. And meetings to discuss those items are held in open session.



Our view: Joe St. John's woes

Posted 7/13/2011 in Dispatch Editorials

Something is brewing at City Hall. And Columbus Police Chief Joseph St. John is at the center of the storm. A small group of supporters made an appearance at a special meeting on Monday, where most thought St. John's job was on the line. And we expect it is.



Elliott and Hannon: Support St. John

We are writing to voice our unconditional support for Joseph St. John, Police Chief of the City of Columbus!



Cameron Triplett: Revised position

In past letters I have expressed my opinion about the Omnova strike and the results it brought about. Today, Sunday, July 10, I had a nice visit and chat with one of the strikers. He gave me some more information I didn't have. I knew that I didn't have the whole story. Most strikes are about money and benefits, as in more. According to my visitor, a distant relative by the way, this was about that, but with a twist. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character, and I believe everything my visitor said.


Birney Imes: Watermelon memories

Posted 7/9/2011 in Local Columns

Shortly after 7, Saturday morning Pat Burwell was hoisting the second of two Gilmer brothers watermelons into the back of her husband's pickup. "One for us and one for the chickens," she laughed. Husband Brooke confirmed it from the other side of the truck. "Our dog eats the rinds," he added. "Loves them."


Randy Finch: Supports Larmour

A tiger can't change his stripes. Jeff Smith is still employing Democrat vs. Republican strategies. The NRA gave Jack Larmour an A rating. Anyone who knows Jack Larmour knows all his actions are above board. Someone needs to remind Jeff Smith that he is a Republican.


Roses and thorns 7/10/11

Posted 7/9/2011 in Roses & Thorns

A bouquet of roses each to Derrick Beckom and Mickey Brislin. The two Lowndes County men worked to free another from a burning car, last week. Gregory Gabriel, 62, lost control of his car on Matson Road and hit a tree when his blood sugar dropped due to the heat.


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