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Slimantics: Buses, food, tea and the National Anthem

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

Rosa Parks was not opposed to buses. Gandhi harbored no ill will against food. As far as we know, our Forefathers liked tea just fine.

Ask Rufus: Memorial Day

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

Last week a project was announced to try and located lost graves of Union soldiers who had been buried in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus during and at the close of the Civil War.


Wyatt Emmerich: Field is crowded in race for Harper's seat

Posted 5/25/2018 in Local Columns

The primary for Mississippi's Third Congressional District will be held Tuesday June 5. It's a hotly contested race, typical of Congressional open seats, now that nine-year incumbent Greg Harper decided not to run.


Slimantics: Restaurant tax is Jeff Smith's albatross

Posted 5/24/2018 in Local Columns

In an earlier time, Rep. Jeff Smith would be known as a dandy, defined as a person unduly devoted to style, neatness and fashion in dress and appearance.


Jiben Roy: For so many things I am grateful but ...

Posted 5/24/2018 in Local Columns

Nature loves diversification and that's we see it in science too.



Charlie Mitchell: Economy still voters' major issue on election day

Posted 5/22/2018 in Local Columns

On the day Donald Trump was elected, a 20-gallon tank of gas cost a Mississippi driver $36. Today, The American Automobile Associations says that same 20 gallons costs $52.


Possumhaw: And then there was rain

Posted 5/21/2018 in Local Columns

Early spring brought lots of rain. Prairie lakes were full; spillways flowed like streams. Daily Sam checked water levels of local creeks and lakes. He checked Grenada Lake where crappie grow large and plentiful. High water levels are not conducive to spawning crappie.


Wyatt Emmerich: Memphis in May Music Festival quite a scene

Posted 5/21/2018 in Local Columns

Every Time I go to a music festival, I figure it's my last one, but somehow I ended up at the Memphis in May music festival two weeks ago.


Partial to Home: A country funeral

Posted 5/19/2018 in Local Columns

We are standing in the graveyard of a country church talking in hushed voices, about 60 of us. Hollywood could not have come up with a more beautiful setting for a funeral.

Ask Rufus: Tales to be told

Posted 5/19/2018 in Local Columns

Recently I have been working on a project that involves Friendship Cemetery here in Columbus.

Slimantics: 'Identity politics' takes on different meaning with Sherman

Posted 5/18/2018 in Local Columns

Howard Sherman has lived, off and on, in Meridian for the past 18 years.


Jiben Roy: Our lives hang in the balance but...

Posted 5/18/2018 in Local Columns

Recently the day our spring semester ended, I started walking back home happily from my office.


Possumhaw: Things to notice

Posted 5/14/2018 in Local Columns

There's some things I notice and some things I don't. Sam suggested I notice things like if there's water standing somewhere where it shouldn't so I can let him know. We need to find out where the water is coming from, especially when we are in the season of drought.


Other Editors: Clash of the medical titans

Posted 5/14/2018 in Local Columns

Given the financial stresses rampaging through the medical industry, a prominent showdown between a large hospital system and a large insurance company was inevitable. Unless cooler heads prevail, it will occur this summer in Mississippi.


Partial to Home: Irrepressible gardeners

Posted 5/12/2018 in Local Columns

I was almost to the church that lost its steeple to the tornado, when the rooster started crowing. It sounded like he was a block away, somewhere on Third Avenue South. I was driving down College Street, windows down, headed to Mark Stokes' to have the pick-up's brakes checked.

Ask Rufus: The Rebel Tombigbee Squadron

Posted 5/12/2018 in Local Columns

Two weeks ago I wrote of the poem the Blue and the Gray and Friendship Cemetery on the banks of the Tombigbee River.


Wyatt Emmerich: Leslie Lampton's life showed value of free enterprise

Posted 5/12/2018 in Local Columns

Within the span of a couple of weeks, the Mississippi lost the patriarch and matriarch of one of our most prominent families, the Lamptons.


Slimantics: Death, taxes and tuition increases

Posted 5/10/2018 in Local Columns

If you're a college student in Mississippi, the cost of your education went up last week. Again.

Possumhaw: What about these squirrels?

Posted 5/7/2018 in Local Columns

The birds we love empty the feeders about every half hour, with a little help from the squirrels. Once we had no squirrels, but lately there's been a buildup.


Charlie Mitchell: Picture improving for state's retirement fund

Posted 5/7/2018 in Local Columns

Remember the serious discussion of state pension funds during this year's legislative session?



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