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Ask Rufus: 100 Years of Military Aviation in the Golden Triangle

Posted 2/17/2018 in Local Columns

Payne Field, four miles north of West Point near the community of White's Station, is a little-known, but very historic air field that has been called Mississippi's first airport

Being Beautiful: And the gold medal goes to ...

Posted 2/17/2018 in Local Columns

Since I was a little boy, the spins on the ice mesmerized me.

Possumhaw: A daffodil a day

Posted 2/17/2018 in Local Columns

Down came four inches of rain and up sprang dozens upon dozens of green daffodil foliage. Daffodils being as much a harbinger of spring as the red-breasted robin scavenging across the muddy ground hoping for a hearty breakfast of earthworm.

Slimantics: Confederate monuments speak for themselves

Posted 2/15/2018 in Local Columns

The effort to change the Mississippi flag seems to be going nowhere, at least legislatively.

Possumhaw: Down home on the farm

Posted 2/12/2018 in Local Columns

Last week talking to R.C., he described what he'd like to do in retirement. "Have a little farm," he said. "Maybe some chickens, some goats; a dog, some cats. I'm not a real cat person, but they seem to like me.


Charlie Mitchell: Youthful 'Snowflakes' are made, not born

Posted 2/12/2018 in Local Columns

Don't blame the college kids. The snowflakes among them weren't born to feel privileged, entitled or in need of shelter from diverse ideas and opinions.



Steve Chapman: The Porter debacle confirms Trump's incompetence

Posted 2/10/2018 in Local Columns

English monarchs are often known by their names and their most conspicuous traits, from William the Conqueror and Richard the Lion-Hearted to Bloody Mary and Edward Longshanks.


Slimantics: Publishers Clearing House is going to change everything

Posted 2/10/2018 in Local Columns

I'm probably not the most popular guy around and a lot of that probably has to do with the views I hold, which I have always realized are far, far outside the mainstream here in the state of my birth.

Ask Rufus: Celebrating Mardi Gras

Posted 2/10/2018 in Local Columns

Fat Tuesday is fast approaching with the end of carnival season and Mardi Gras.


Slimantics: Guns vs. College Football promises to be an interesting match-up

Posted 2/8/2018 in Local Columns

Technically, the 2018 Mississippi Legislative Session began on Jan. 2.


Possumhaw: Tapping into good health

Posted 2/5/2018 in Local Columns

With all the flu going around Sam and I have taken some small measures to increase our chances of not getting sick. Vitamin C supplements are dropped into a glass of water like the "Fizzies" of the 1950s.

Partial to Home: The tour guide's dilemma

Posted 2/3/2018 in Local Columns

Most of us, one time or another, have been called upon -- or taken it upon ourselves -- to serve as a tour guide. The call came for me a couple weeks ago. An eminent musician would be here for three days and his host wondered if I would give him a tour, share with him some of the "historical richness" of our community.

Ask Rufus: Not just the heroes of February

Posted 2/3/2018 in Local Columns

I have a problem with February being Black History Month. The role of blacks in the exploration and settlement of the Tombigbee River Valley is so important and so significant it should be celebrated every month.

Slimantics: Restaurant tax agreement: Just one more small thing, please

Posted 1/31/2018 in Local Columns

Someone asked me a while back when my columns appear in The Dispatch. The answer is, I don't know.

Home Base: How can we prevent unspeakable tragedies?

Posted 1/30/2018 in Local Columns

This newspaper employs more than one reasonably close friend of the Gabe Parker family.

Possumhaw: How to be safe and warm

Posted 1/29/2018 in Local Columns

It was a cold evening last week when I headed upstairs. The kittens were bedded and all the outside animals, plants, and structures were adequately heated. That's when I smelled something like wires burning.


Charlie Mitchell: When schools become big business

Posted 1/29/2018 in Local Columns

Lobbyists have been around as long as there have been lawmaking bodies. Once they were seeking favorable rules and regulations for the private economy. Today, more and more, lobbyists are seeking customers.


Partial to Home: Celebrating the obscure

Posted 1/27/2018 in Local Columns

On a recent, brilliantly cold morning while navigating a kayak down the Buttahatchee somewhere between Lawrence Bridge Road near Caledonia and Highway 45, I thought about the late Robert McG. Thomas Jr., the celebrated writer of obituaries for the New York Times.

Ask Rufus: The city argued while the town burned

Posted 1/27/2018 in Local Columns

On Tuesday afternoon, March 18, 1919, Columbus burned.


Wyatt Emmerich: Who pays for Kemper? PSC hearings under way

Posted 1/23/2018 in Local Columns

The final hearings for the failed Kemper power plant are under way this week at the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC).



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