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Steve Rogers: Burns Bottom ideal location for soccer complex

Posted 6/13/2009 in Local Columns

Birney, in response to your column in Friday's Dispatch, I did what you suggested. I drove through Burns Bottom Friday night. It was about 10:30 p.m., long after the early evening storms blew through. I got out and walked in the bucolic, rain-cooled night air.


Birney Imes: Harry, this is a terrible idea

Posted 6/12/2009 in Local Columns

Soccer moms and dads, before it’s too late — and it might already be too late — drive down to Burns Bottom. That’s the area just down the hill from Riverhill Chevron, the gas station/convenience store operated by Sanders Oil. At the station, turn off Main Street and go down the hill in the direction of the Hitching Lot, site of the Farmers’ Market.

Birney Imes: Burns Bottom, come hell or high water

Posted 6/11/2009 in Local Columns

Ever know anyone who when they make up their mind, it’s all over? End of discussion. Don’t confuse the issue with facts or logical arguments. I’ve made up my mind and that’s that.

Steve Mullen: Taking the long way home

Posted 6/10/2009 in Local Columns

It’s tough to decide who is happier — me or the grandparents. It’s me, of course. Try being apart from your family for five months, a decision we made when I was hired by The Dispatch. I moved over, while Lee and the girls stayed behind to finish school in California.

Birney Imes: Opening day

Posted 6/9/2009 in Local Columns

It’s not every day one has the opportunity to take part in the launch of a new newspaper. Such was the case Monday when, after a three-month gestation, the first issue of The Starkville Dispatch became a reality shortly after 10 a.m.

Birney Imes: Harry and Susan and the playing fields

Posted 6/7/2009 in Local Columns

With less than a month to go in office, Susan Mackay desperately wants to see the realization of one of her political goals, the siting of a recreation complex on the 156 acres of Army Corps of Engineers land adjacent to the Riverwalk and just south of Highway 82.


Steve Rogers: Campaign postmortem:Failure to reach across color line reflected in Jordan and Mackay defeats

Posted 6/4/2009 in Local Columns

Tuesday night’s results in the Columbus city election raised a few eyebrows. Most thought Republican Jay Jordan would lose his Ward 5 council seat to Democrat Kabir Karriem. But more than a few were surprised that Republican Susan Mackay was unseated by Democrat Joseph Mickens in Ward 2.


Birney Imes: A word from Coach Dillon

Posted 5/31/2009 in Local Columns

Years ago one of our children had the good fortune to play summer baseball for Joe Dillon. In the 27 years he coached at Propst Park, Dillon became a legend among legends. They’ve since named a field for him. When he coached our son, Dillon was at the helm of a crew of 11-12 year olds called “The Pats,” so named for Pat Patterson, the team’s sponsor.


Steve Rogers: The Vicksburg 4: Anatomy of a witch hunt

Posted 5/23/2009 in Local Columns

Fifteen days is too long. That’s right, the Columbus City Council went to far when it suspended the Vicksburg 4 — the four Columbus police officers at the center of a misunderstanding at the Vicksburg National Military Park — for 15 days.


Birney Imes: Developing a shared vision

Posted 5/23/2009 in Local Columns

“A vision without a plan is a hallucination.” —Thomas Edison On Friday about 15 people spent the afternoon dreaming about the future of Columbus. Leading the conversation was Randy Wilson, who in September will lead the community in something called a charrette.

Garthia Elena Burnett: Rebuilding Caledonia school

Posted 5/22/2009 in Local Columns

I can remember riding in the back of a pickup to get to campus. From Main Street, the wreckage already could be seen. Rubble. Twisted metal. Broken glass.

Steve Mullen: No phone calls, please

Posted 5/20/2009 in Local Columns

They muscle their way in — uninvited, unwelcome, and downright annoying. They’re the unending cascade of automated phone calls — in particular, those that play a recording warning you that your car warranty is about to expire.


Carol Littlejohn: Gerald

Posted 5/18/2009 in Local Columns

I do not know what to say or really what to write in this story but I am going to try to tell you my feelings about Gerald. You see, Gerald was my first love back in the “good old days” as we all like to say. I began to date him in my senior year at S. D. Lee High School in 1968. We dated each other for four years. I was at “The W,” and his parents sent him off to “Southern.” He hitched a ride home most every weekend, and on those sad Sundays, I would take him over to Bob’s Place to catch his ride back down to Hattiesburg. I cried many a tear at his leaving.


Garthia Elena Burnett: Back to the drawing board on health department site selection

Posted 5/17/2009 in Local Columns

Ever notice how too many choices sometimes can turn into paralysis? It’s a problem the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors seems to have run into with building a new health department.

Birney Imes: Bill and Virginia’s whirlwind romance

Posted 5/17/2009 in Local Columns

They say you can hear all sorts of things in a beauty salon. Here’s a story I heard while getting my hair cut Wednesday.


Steve Rogers: Starkville candidates have abdicated responsibility, voters shouldn’t

Posted 5/16/2009 in Local Columns

In one narcissistic moment, Parker Wiseman may have given away a promising chance to be mayor of Starkville.



Steve Rogers: Health department may divide traditional factions

Posted 5/15/2009 in Local Columns

Doubts about whether the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors is two factions or five individual members may be dispelled soon. Earlier this week, the Columbus Planning Commission approved the Tommy Lott family’s request to rezone two acres on the northwest corner of Lehmberg and Warpath roads from residential to professional offices. The site is an alternative for a new Lowndes County Health Department.


Steve Mullen: In defense of the Vicksburg Four

Posted 5/13/2009 in Local Columns

Much ado has been made of the behavior of the four Columbus police officers accused of Spring break-style behavior in Vicksburg National Military Park, while in that city for a training seminar.

Birney Imes: Working the polls

Posted 5/9/2009 in Local Columns

Bet you don’t know the memory span of a goldfish. How about what a baby gold fish is called?

Garthia Elena Burnett: One more something for parents to be concerned about

Posted 5/8/2009 in Local Columns

It was almost 10 o’clock last Wednesday night. I had sent my 5-year-old daughter to bed, with instructions to pick out a bedtime story.


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