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Slimantics: I'm running on the long weekend platform

Posted 12/11/2019 in Local Columns

Here of late, I've been beginning to question a number of things that I have more or less taken for granted.


Jiben Roy: Research towards killing humans

Posted 12/10/2019 in Local Columns

As a believer of science, I once thought I would be successful in making renewable fossil fuels from trees by cutting the process of millions of years down to minutes through chemical reactions. As a result, I thought one day the Noble Prize would be within my reach. No, I was not successful, but I did my PhD based on the project in 1983.


Possumhaw: Memories of the Christmas tree

Posted 12/9/2019 in Local Columns

We don't quite have our Christmas decorations up yet, but we're thinking about it. Some years we cut a native cedar and other years we stop by a box store that sells Christmas trees. The store-bought trees are easier to decorate with their slender limbs and smooth needles. It's possible they are dyed. I've hauled them to the woods, and by spring they are still green.

Ask Rufus: A story of early Columbus

Posted 12/7/2019 in Local Columns

It is always interesting when different early accounts and stories merge into a single narrative.


Home Base: In my hometown, Baby Jesus finally goes to church

Posted 12/6/2019 in Local Columns

Thirteen years ago, when I was editor for my hometown weekly newspaper in Warren, Arkansas, I sat at a conference room table in a bank across from two very proud women.


Slimantics: A voice crying in the bewilderness

Posted 12/5/2019 in Local Columns

A press release delivered to The Dispatch earlier of this week alerted us to a community meeting Tuesday where Kerr-McGee/Tronox issues would be discussed.

Possumhaw: Home is where the hearth is

Posted 12/2/2019 in Local Columns

Thanksgiving has come and gone, as have pre-Black Friday and Black Friday sales, along with the family members who graced our home for the Thanksgiving celebration. We had many things to give thanks for: reasonably good health, plenty of warmth and sunshine, and more good food than should be legal.

Partial to Home: Miracle in New Hope

Posted 12/1/2019 in Local Columns

Monday afternoon Bill Cole sat on a barstool in the empty bay of a metal building that houses Dixie Towing, the New Hope business he has owned and operated for 30 years and looked out across the road. Cole was wearing pressed jeans, cowboy boots and a black long-sleeved shirt. His swept-back white hair gives him the look of a country music star -- think Charlie Rich.


Dusty Houser: On Thanksgiving, Mississippi's habitual laws are keeping families like mine apart

Posted 12/1/2019 in Local Columns

Thanksgiving is a bittersweet holiday for my family. While we find joy in gathering together to give thanks, the day is also a painful reminder that we may never have the opportunity to share a meal with my father again.


Ask Rufus: Happy 200th Birthday, Columbus

Posted 11/30/2019 in Local Columns

This coming Friday, December 6, 2019, will mark the bicentennial of Columbus' official recognition as the Town of Columbus.


Marion Whitley: Wisteria

Posted 11/27/2019 in Local Columns

My 4-year-old vocabulary may have lacked tree names such as oak, cedar and pine, but I knew "wisteria."


Possumhaw: Let's get personal here

Posted 11/25/2019 in Local Columns

Many of us are preparing for our holiday feasting and perhaps how to manage our consumption for the least amount of damage. Last year I gain several pounds, and well into spring they were still hanging around. So, this year I am trying to do better and help my guests to do better as well. It's not as easy as you may think.

Partial to Home: Gestalt gardening

Posted 11/24/2019 in Local Columns

On a recent weekday morning Vernell Taylor was putting the final log on a stack of wood almost too pretty to burn in the fireplace of the living-room-like interior of the Plymouth Bluff Conservation Center.


Desiree' Wilson: Giving thanks for a gentle man

Posted 11/24/2019 in Local Columns

As we gather around tables, greet families and recount blessings, we are reminded that relationships are the canvas of life. Our lives are marked and colored by the influence of countless people.


Ask Rufus: Thanksgiving

Posted 11/23/2019 in Local Columns

It was 400 years ago that a group of settlers from England landed in the New Word and with a ceremony of thanksgiving gave thanks to God for their safe arrival and their new settlement.

Possumhaw: Early preparations for winter

Posted 11/16/2019 in Local Columns

Just when I was busy flipping closets from summer to fall, hanging the door wreath and pinning orange, red and yellow silk leaves to the cedar lapboards, all in an effort to welcome in the autumn season, winter hit overnight. Temperatures plummeted to 15 degrees by morning.

Ask Rufus: Charles Wilburn's 'Go Gettin Gal'

Posted 11/16/2019 in Local Columns

I remember Charles Wilburn of Artesia as a top notch bird dog trainer who had been a pilot in World War II. Like so many others of the greatest generation I had no idea of all he had done or his adventures in the "Go Gettin Gal."

Possumhaw: What a wonderful day

Posted 11/10/2019 in Local Columns

Fall has been particularly lovely this year, perhaps because it came so quickly as a much-needed break from scorching temperatures. Now it appears fall is "leaving" just as fast as chilling temperatures arrive early.

Ask Rufus: A Seabee's Story

Posted 11/9/2019 in Local Columns

Over the almost 10 years I have been writing this column I've told stories of many local veterans.


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