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Possumhaw: All creatures bright and big

Posted 4/29/2019 in Local Columns

There in the woods, eyes were shining back at me from the light of the flashlight when I was looking for Harry and Wilhelmina, the cats.

Partial to Home: The clunky, utilitarian, irresistible Land Cruiser

Posted 4/28/2019 in Local Columns

It began innocently enough. The Toyota obsession (or "sickness," as he calls it). In 1993 Kerry Blalock promised his nephew, Eric Mason, a vehicle if he kept his grades C or higher. Shortly thereafter Blalock found Eric a 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser at Greenline Equipment. Someone had traded it in on a tractor.

Ask Rufus: Springtime Strawberries

Posted 4/27/2019 in Local Columns

Last week Karen bought a flat of fresh strawberries at the Mayhew Tomato Farm. Besides enjoying the strawberries in a pie, on pound cake and with a scoop of ice cream, I reflected on the relationship of strawberries to local history and to Mayhew in particular.


Brett Kittredge: Occupational licenses can no longer be revoked for defaulting on student loans

Posted 4/25/2019 in Local Columns

Did you know that Mississippi has a law on the books that allows licensing boards to suspend or revoke your professional license if you default on your student loans?


Slimantics: A graduation letter to my niece

Posted 4/24/2019 in Local Columns

There are any number of things we associate with spring -- flowers, baseball, weddings, allergies, etc. But most prominent among all spring events must be graduations.

Slimantics: When it's appropriate to dress in 'black face'

Posted 4/23/2019 in Local Columns

Today, let's talk about all the situations where it is appropriate to dress in "black face."


Wyatt Emmerich: Multiple voices move state forward on criminal justice reform

Posted 4/23/2019 in Local Columns

The legislature has just passed another bill designed to tackle Mississippi's sky-high incarceration rate.


Possumhaw: Poetry, blossoms and baseball

Posted 4/20/2019 in Local Columns

Only 80 some-odd days until the official start of summer and for us Southerners, summer will come even sooner. Outside my sunroom windows trees are every color of green, the yellow swamp irises surround the lake waving like flags in the wind, tiny leaves peek out from the crepe myrtles, while daisies abound, and the purple irises look 3 feet tall. Snap dragons from last year are overflowing in window boxes as are a few petunias.

Ask Rufus: A Reflection of Sainte-Chapelle

Posted 4/20/2019 in Local Columns

Annunciation Catholic Church in Columbus is an example of a type of Gothic form rarely found in the South and is one of the most architecturally significant religious structures in Mississippi.

Slimantics: Are we becoming a nation of lousy citizens?

Posted 4/19/2019 in Local Columns

What does it mean to be a good citizen? Better yet, what is required for someone to fit that description?

Slimantics: More than 'simple' charity

Posted 4/17/2019 in Local Columns

Someone who wandered into the large first-floor meeting room at the Columbus Marriott Tuesday evening would have immediately recognized that the 94 people gathered there had one thing in common: They were all women. The similarities pretty much ended there.


Wyatt Emmerich: Lack of Medicaid expansion is holding state back

Posted 4/16/2019 in Local Columns

With state Elections coming up, one of the hottest issues is expansion of Medicaid


Possumhaw: Ducks take a stroll

Posted 4/15/2019 in Local Columns

The oddest thing happens every year about this time. Besides the torrential rains, the Pekin ducks come waddling up to the house.

Ask Rufus: An Evening with Heroes

Posted 4/13/2019 in Local Columns

In late January, Steve Wallace, Danny Coggins and I went with Brad Freeman to the German POW Museum in Aliceville, Alabama.

Slimantics: Breaking the ideological sound barrier

Posted 4/10/2019 in Local Columns

I had a pretty good idea of what to expect when Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves arrived in Columbus Tuesday to speak to the Lowndes County Republican Women at the group's monthly luncheon at Lion Hills Center.

Slimantics: A thing of beauty...

Posted 4/9/2019 in Local Columns

My dad was a practical man and, out of necessity, frugal, too. He and mom raised six kids and although ours was a two-income home, neither mom nor dad ever made more then $8 per hour.

Possumhaw: Easter bonnet with all the frills

Posted 4/6/2019 in Local Columns

There's an old black and white photograph when I'm about 2 or 3 years old, glued in a faded album. Mother must have taken the photograph because my father is squatting beside me as I hold my Easter basket.

Ask Rufus: Southern Scenery

Posted 4/6/2019 in Local Columns

When researching southern history, it is always interesting to find first-person accounts of earlier times but it is most fascinating to find early images. It is surprising just how many of those early images are around and how they can relate to the present.

Slimantics: Take-aways from Tuesday's gubernatorial debate

Posted 4/4/2019 in Local Columns

Tuesday's Republican Primary debate at Mississippi State drew a small crowd -- an audience of about 100 people. It also included only two of the three Republicans running for Governor.


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