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Mississippi Voices: Telling Mississippi's story

Posted 4/3/2017 in National Columns

The phone rang. "Chah-lie? Bill Minor. Listen. You got that all wrong."



Other Editors: The compelling argument for infrastructure spending

Posted 4/3/2017 in National Columns

As Mississippi lawmakers grapple with piecing together a state budget without enough money they are taking another step into a deeper hole for the long term.



Patrick J. Buchanan: Putin, the 'preeminent statesman' of our times?

Posted 4/1/2017 in National Columns

"If we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, which involve the defense of borders and national flourishing, Putin would count as the preeminent statesman of our time.



Steve Chapman: Trump's wall is already collapsing

Posted 4/1/2017 in National Columns

Donald Trump spent more than a year rousing crowds with a simple promise: "I'll build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall." As the campaign wore on, it got so he could ask "Who's gonna pay for the wall?" and the audience would roar, "Mexico!"



Mona Charen: 'Disturbing overreach'

Posted 3/31/2017 in National Columns

We are witnesses to an abuse of power by government that represents a test of our democracy.



Froma Harrop: There's little dignity left in coal

Posted 3/30/2017 in National Columns

It was a pathetic scene, coal miners flanking President Donald Trump as he signed an order to dismantle the Clean Power Plan.



Leonard Pitts: Campaign 2016, journalism's biggest failure

Posted 3/29/2017 in National Columns

We did a lousy job.



Patrick Buchanan: The continuing decline of Congress

Posted 3/28/2017 in National Columns

Did the Freedom Caucus just pull the Republican Party back off the ledge, before it jumped to its death? A case can be made for that.



Steve Chapman: Opioid deaths: another drug-war failure

Posted 3/28/2017 in National Columns

A 2014 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that states allowing medical marijuana had 25 percent fewer deaths from prescription drug overdoses than states forbidding it.


Connie Shultz: Dear Trump supporters ...

Posted 3/25/2017 in National Columns

The windowsill over my kitchen sink is an altar of sorts, full of small framed photos of our grandchildren and other mementos to keep me grateful.

Steve Chapman: Why health care can't be fixed

Posted 3/25/2017 in National Columns

Bill Clinton tried to fix America's health care problems and was shot down by Congress. Barack Obama got his solution enacted only to find most people didn't like it. Republicans who voted repeatedly to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something far better have found it fiendishly hard to agree on how.


Marc Dion: Coat and tie required

Posted 3/24/2017 in National Columns

I'm a newspaper columnist. I write this column, but I'm also the columnist for The Herald News, a midsized daily in Massachusetts.



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