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Our View: City seems to take pride in transparency only when it serves the interests of certain people

Posted 7/23/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

For some misguided officials, open records laws appear to be merely a tool they wield to shield actions from public view in some cases or to punish those who have fallen out of favor in others.



Our View: A time such as this

Posted 7/12/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Many people are familiar with the story of Esther from the Bible. For those who aren't, it was the story of a Jewish woman married to the king of Persia, who was called upon to use her influence to save the captive Jews under Persian rule from persecution.



Our View: Sidebar conversations in meetings must stop

Posted 7/10/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

On Monday, during open session of a Lowndes County School Board meeting, board president Robert Barksdale made a phone call from the board table.



Our View: Coming tax hike a result of poor fiscal management by county schools

Posted 7/9/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Monday, the Lowndes County School District voted to raise local taxes by four percent to ensure it had the reserve funds required by state law.



Our View: Starkville remains responsive to annexation concerns

Posted 7/3/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

For almost two years now, the city of Starkville has made known its desire to annex portions of the county, most notably on the east side of town.



Our View: Starkville's storm water problem needs addressing

Posted 7/2/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

It might surprise you to know that arid Arizona often has a flooding problem, one that it can do little to mitigate. Despite an average annual rainfall of eight inches, street flooding is a common occurrence during July, referred to as the monsoon season.



Our View: City's request for cleanup plans are measured, appropriate

Posted 6/28/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

When the city of Columbus sent letters to 27 homeowners whose properties were severely damaged by the Feb. 23 tornado informing them that they had until Monday to respond with their plans to rebuild, repair or demolish their properties, it was viewed by some as adding insult to injury.



Our View: Proper notice of public meetings is crucial for citizen participation

Posted 6/27/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

There is likely no better example of self-governance than your local school board.



Our View: MSU baseball's spirits remain unbroken

Posted 6/21/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

For the 11th time, Mississippi State reached the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, the Holy Grail of college baseball.



Our View: Burns Bottom redevelopment stands to tie downtown projects together

Posted 6/20/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Columbus has a well-deserved reputation for preserving its historic buildings, so the decision to demolish a home built in the 1830s to make way for a major redevelopment project did not come without considerable scrutiny.



Our View: It's past time for landowners to let Starkville industrial park proceed

Posted 6/19/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

It's one, two, three strikes, you're out on the old ballgame. That same rule should apply when it comes to a lawsuit that has delayed progress on a proposed industrial park in Starkville.



Our View: Pre-K education is key to helping students with disabilities

Posted 6/18/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

LeDerick Horne does not have to draw from reports, studies or other data in his role as an advocate for those with learning disabilities.



Our View: The spirit of optimism at Camp Rising Sun

Posted 6/12/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

For 32 years, Camp Rising Sun has been beating the odds, facing down challenges and innovating, not unlike the kids for whom the camp was founded.



Our View: Sounds of Summer is a great excuse to brave the heat

Posted 6/11/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

The summer days are long, tedious and often uncomfortable enough to drive us indoors. There are few things that can coax us out of isolation, though, and one of the most successful has been Sounds of Summer.



Our View: As Americans age, elder care deserves action now

Posted 6/7/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

America faces a crisis few of us seem to be giving much attention, even though the odds are good that most of us will someday be dramatically affected by it.



Our View: Let's show 'em who we really are

Posted 6/5/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Outside its borders, Mississippi often has an unflattering reputation, much of it earned.



Our View: Anniversary of 19th Amendment reminds us of the power of voting

Posted 6/4/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Today marks an important date in our history, one that is not only worthy of reflection but should also serve as a call to action. It was on this date in 1919 that Congress passed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.



Our View: Sen. Cochran is a reminder of what legislators should be

Posted 5/31/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

The news of Thad Cochran's death Thursday morning was not entirely unexpected -- poor health had forced him to resign on April 1, 2018, four years into his last six-year term in the U.S. Senate.



Our View: State-wide pre-K education would be excellent compliment to Third-Grade Gate

Posted 5/24/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Can the quality of education be reduced to a simple mathematical equation? As much as we would like, it's not that simple.



Our View: Airport decision another example of city budget creep

Posted 5/23/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

What are we missing here? In November, the Lowndes County Airport Board of Directors unanimously chose Jared Rabren to manage the city-county airport as its Fixed Base Operator (FBO).



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