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Our View: The fire of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

Posted 11/25/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our view: Consistent messaging on virus is (still) a big problem

Posted 11/13/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

Nowhere has the ultimate toll of COVID-19 been higher than in the United States, where more than 240,000 people have died, roughly twice the number of deaths than India, which is second on the list of COVID-19 deaths.



Our View: The race is far from over

Posted 11/12/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Access to medical marijuana shouldn't be limited by income

Posted 11/6/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

Mississippians with certain medical conditions will soon have a new option for managing pain associated with their conditions.



Our View: Tuesday's election shows there's a progressive streak even in deep red Mississippi

Posted 11/4/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

In case you were wondering, medical marijuana is approved for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) under Mississippi's new medical marijuana program.



Our view: Appreciating election workers

Posted 11/2/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

Voting looks pretty simple from where most of us sit. We drive to the polls, which are always located within minutes of our homes, give our names to the poll worker, show our ID, then proceed to the voting machine to cast our ballots.



Our View: Closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out

Posted 10/29/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: A plan is a good place to start

Posted 10/28/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: The best Halloween ever is within our grasp

Posted 10/23/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: We must not allow COVID-19 to divide us

Posted 10/21/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



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