Roses and thorns: 11/13/11

November 12, 2011 9:57:00 PM



A rose to the organizers of Starkville's annual Bulldog Bash, which has grown from a scant 2,000 people to more than 30,000 thanks to quality entertainment in an ideal venue. 




A rose to our nation's veterans and to the many people in our community who worked to make sure they were remembered with honor and dignity this week. From a Veterans Day service which packed the Columbus Municipal Complex and drew a standing room only crowd; to EMCC's annual "Proud to Be An American" ceremony, to a Veterans Day parade down Main Street, there was no shortage of ways to thank those who gave their time -- and often their lives -- serving our country. 




A rose to all those who entered the political fray this campaign season, from the candidates who willingly put their lives beneath the public microscope to the unsung heroes -- the campaign volunteers, who worked not for the glory or the recognition but for the success of a cause in which they believed. Broad participation creates more public engagement in this system of self-government our founding fathers envisioned. 




A rose to the 17,643 people in Lowndes County who chose to exercise their freedom to participate in the democratic process by casting a vote. And a thorn to the 22,789 registered voters who will be affected daily by their local politicians' actions and yet took no action of their own to cast a ballot and speak their minds. 




A rose to local photographers Shawn Dickey, Dana Le Blanc, Chris Jenkins, Katie McDill, Renee Reedy, Will Reedy, Erik Studdard, who showed the beauty and creativity that can be captured with a simple cell phone photograph during the Nov. 4 "Phonetography" show downtown at Renee Reedy's new photography studio. We hope evening downtown arts events like this, and like the letterpress demonstrations Main Street newcomer Jessica Peterson of The Southern Letterpress has been holding, become a regular occurrence.