One More For Levon

May 1, 2012 11:57:40 AM



When Levon Helm died on April 19, the world lost one of its greatest voices. A native of Arkansas, Helm was a Southern gentleman who represented everything that is now known as "Americana." Although "The Last Waltz" is more a Martin Scorcese lovefest to The Band's guitarist Robbie Robertson than an actual documentary, it does contain some great performances by Helm and The Band. Here is one of those moments. Pops Staples is gone, too, but this iconic performance will live forever.



Jeff Clark is a reporter for The Dispatch. An obsessed music fan, Clark once rode an elevator with Kenny Rogers, whom he said "smelled good." He also once hugged B.B. King and Willie Nelson, but not at the same time. When he was about 10-years old, his parents took him to see Waylon Jennings at the Hump in Starkville and his life was "forever changed." A few months later, his parents took him to see Willie Nelson at the same venue. His head almost exploded.



Jeff Clark is a fan of all things Waylon, Willie, Hank (Hank is Hank, he is not "Hank Sr."), new wave, boogie woogie, rockabilly and late sixties to mid-70s Rolling Stones. This is his music blog.


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