Adele Elliott: On the road again -- maybe

August 23, 2014 11:32:55 PM

Adele Elliott - [email protected]


Chris and I finally have a working car -- cross your fingers. After about 10 months of problems, five mechanics, multiple new parts and tons of money spent, we think it is working. We are trying not to be too optimistic. The car may revert to its hypochondria and malingering at any time. Right now, we are treating it with kind words and great respect.


Living without a car in a city with no public transportation presents so many obstacles. We have "relied on the kindness of ... " -- well, not strangers, but dear friends who drove us to the grocery and on other excursions out of the house. (My apologies to favorite son Tennessee Williams.)


Fortunately, we are walking distance from Fifth Street South, where all manner of shops and restaurants are lined up, tempting us and offering almost anything we need.



From the moment we landed in Columbus, I have been in love with Fred's. There you can find grocery items, underwear and socks, absolutely any type of hair product, and lamps for every room in your house. Chris calls "Fred" my boyfriend, even though he (Fred) apparently spends no time in this branch of the store's chain. (Note to Fred: call me. I have suggestions on some items that would be great additions. I won't charge you for my vast experience as a shopper.)


Within only a few blocks you can enjoy great casual lunches at Cafe on Main, or Huck's, or the finest of dining at J. Broussard's.


I actually have enjoyed my little vacation from the rest of the world. I made great progress on book number three. Like my first two novels, it is set in Columbus, with lots of locations that you will recognize. Look for a release date early next year.


I also won first place in a flash-fiction contest that was based in Great Britain. You can read my story, and others at


For those of you who are writers (on any level), the Golden Triangle Writers Guild meets once a month in West Point. Contact Claire Spradling ([email protected]) for details.


I suppose that I should not gripe so much about the car problems. There are many things to be grateful for: the fact that Downtown Columbus, with its thriving businesses, is just around the corner; that we have some great friends: and our car was not made by General Motors. I'm also happy that August (my least favorite month) will soon be behind us. We have the promise of cooler weather to look forward to and the Tennessee Williams Tribute for some welcome cultural events.


If you see Chris and me bopping around town, give us a wave. But, be careful what you say to the car. It is very sensitive.


Adele Elliott, a New Orleans native, moved to Columbus after Hurricane Katrina.