Local schools: Dare to compare

March 2, 2009



For anyone with elementary age children in Columbus, this is a week of discovery. The Columbus City Schools are holding open houses at each of the five elementary schools in the district; one on each night of this week. While visitors are always welcome in the city schools, this is the time when the school and staff are prepared to focus just on telling you how their school will serve you and your child.



I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these open houses to find out what each of the magnet schools has to offer. Opinions of friends, neighbors and co-workers can give you an idea of each school in our city, but this is the time to find out for yourselves. Walk through the front door. Talk to the principals. Meet the teachers. See the classrooms. Dare to compare the reality to the rumors. There is no better way to find the best educational fit for you and your child.




These open houses were started several years ago when school choice was first offered in the CMSD. As a parent of a then-kindergartener, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit each school to decide which was the best fit for my children. I have not second-guessed that decision once in the four years since - because I made an informed choice and then continued to walk through the front door of the school to stay involved in my children''s education.



We have great educational opportunities in Columbus. We have great teachers, principals, and school staff. Come meet them this week.



Lori Pierce, Columbus