Narcotics agents find counterfeit money in community

February 1, 2018 10:45:14 AM



Lowndes County Sheriff's Office has released a statement warning businesses that several counterfeit bills have found to be in circulation in the area. 


While working a case, the joint Columbus-Lowndes narcotics task force came in contact with bills which say "For Motion Picture Use Only," according to a LCSO press release. The bills, which come in $100, $50 and $20 denominations, all otherwise look and feel real. The task force has seized $1,500 in the fake notes so far. 


Agents took the money off a person in an investigation, narcotics Capt. Archie Williams said. That person was charged with possession of marijuana but was not charged in connection with the counterfeit bills.  


"That's a pretty good amount to get off one person," Williams said. "It's never larger quantities like this with multiple bills."  


Typically when area law enforcement officers come in contact with counterfeit money, Williams said, it's one or two fake bills at a time. He said he's never before seen "For Motion Picture Use Only" printed on bills. 


Williams and LCSO did not release any other information about the case, but felt businesses in the community should be aware and on the lookout for more of the fake bills. 


No one has been arrested in the case.