Voice of the people: Andrew Whitten

June 26, 2018 10:39:00 AM



Disagrees with immigration letters 


I would like to respond to the letters (Voice of the people dated June 24, 2018) concerning the actions taken by Forty Five and his administration with certain people entering the United States. First, everyone that criticizes anyone who tries to make a better life for themselves and their children is in my opinion less than human. If the Native Americans had kept their borders secure, well think about it. 


Also, the children involved are innocent, haven't they suffered enough without being put through the anguish of being separated from their parents? Just for a moment, put yourself in these parents' shoes. It happened not so long ago in Germany when someone with the same mindset as Forty Five, manipulated and got his base to virtually follow him to hell. 


It was also mentioned that separating children from their parents was the law at the border. That is an outright lie. What they were following was a policy enacted by Forty Five. If not, why did Forty Five rescind a policy that was causing the chaos? 


Folks, you better get your heads out the sand, because if you do not have at least a seven figure bank account, you will be as affected as the rest of us poor folks. Think about it, change is coming; the train is leaving the station. Will you be left behind? 


Andrew Whitten