'Peeping Pimp' indicted for spring peeping tom incidents

August 3, 2018 10:19:51 AM

Alex Holloway - [email protected]


"The Peeping Pimp" has been indicted for two counts of trespassing by peeping tom from a pair of incidents in the spring. 


An Oktibbeha County grand jury indicted 59-year-old Eddie Parks -- who is known both as "Soon" and "The Peeping Pimp" -- for both counts, one of which stems from an April incident by Domino's Pizza and the second from a May incident at Subway on Highway 12. Parks' was recently served his indictment, according to papers filed Wednesday in Oktibbeha County Circuit Court. 


In the first incident, Parks was reportedly near a dumpster at Domino's on Highway 12 and exposed himself to workers in the neighboring Shell convenience store. 


An incident report included in the file says that Parks ran behind a dumpster when a SPD officer arrived on the scene and claimed he was just drinking a beer.  


According to another incident report, when officers arrested Parks for the Domino's incident, on May 7, he claimed "the last time he stood outside and played with his genitalia while watching someone" had been a week or two prior in the shopping center near Harvey's Restaurant. 


An officer went to the area to talk to businesses, and on May 11 spoke to the manager of Subway. 


She said that on May 4, at about 6:45 a.m., "that guy that dresses like a pimp" approached her and asked what time the store opened. According to the report, the manager answered Parks' question and went into the store to begin work. 


Shortly after that, according to the report, Parks sat down outside and began playing with his genitals. He stopped, the report says, then started again while looking at the manager through the window. 


The manager reported to police that it wasn't the first time she or her employees witnessed Parks doing that. When shown a picture of Parks, the report says the manager said: "Yeah that's him, the guy that dresses like a pimp." 


Parks has a long string of charges that go back to at least the early 1980s, according to a list provided by the circuit clerk's office. 


A total of 21 charges against Parks -- not including his two most recent ones -- have made it in some way to the circuit court level in a period stretching from 1981 to 2017. While several were finished in a lower court and three -- an aggravated assault charge from 1997, one of two voyeurism charges from 2009 and a possession of contraband in jail charge from 2010 -- were retired, he's received seven prison sentences. 


Parks was sentenced to two years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) for burglary in October 1981; four years in MDOC for burglary in August 1983; got two five-year sentences to MDOC for two burglaries in April 1987; two years in MDOC for telephone harassment in January 1997; three years in MDOC for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in January 2004; five years in MDOC for voyeurism in January 2010. 


A 2017 aggravated assault charge against Parks was dropped. 


An indecent exposure charge from 1994; a telephone harassment charge from 1998; an aggravated assault charge from 2004; voyeurism, peeping tom, driving under the influence second offense, driving with a suspended license and speeding charges from 2016; and burglary and voyeurism charges from 2017 were processed in lower courts. 




Keylogging indictment 


In an unrelated case, a suspect has been indicted on 19 counts from a tampering probe at Mississippi State University. 


Grand jurors indicted Charles Lindsay Butler on a count of false pretense and 18 counts of fraudulent representation. Butler was served the indictment during the term. 


University officials acknowledged the investigation into the matter after law enforcement agencies served a search warrant on a residence at the Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation. 


At the time, MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter said the suspect was believed to have used a device to steal computerized passwords and the "university as an institution" was a victim in the incident. 


According to files in Oktibbeha County Circuit Court, Butler -- who is a former student at the university -- installed a keylogger on the computer of Nicholas Fitzkee, an associate professor of chemistry. On Dec. 10, 2017, he used stolen passwords to log in and change a total of 18 grades -- for exams or the final overall course grade -- for himself and seven other students. 


Salter and District Attorney Scott Colom confirmed that Butler was the target of the investigation from earlier in the year. 


"We can confirm Charles Butler is the individual who had been under investigation for crimes involving grade changing and other computer manipulation of university records," Salter said. "Mississippi State University takes crimes of this nature very seriously. We have fully cooperated with state and federal officials during what has been a very long investigation. 


"We are particularly appreciative of the work of the MSU Police Department and the MSU Office of Information Technology Services in helping to resolve the matter," he added. 


Butler also faces a false pretenses charge from an Oct. 23, 2017 incident where he used a falsified parking decal to avoid paying parking tickets at MSU. 


Additional indictments from the term include: 


■ Joseph R. Bell, for a trafficking of stolen firearms charge on April 12; 


■ Maefrances Bobo, for aggravated assault and tampering with evidence charges on Jan. 28; 


■ Harrison Scott Browning, for an aggravated assault charge on Feb. 10; 


■ Jaqueavious Evans, for two counts of auto burglary on Nov. 7, 2017; 


■ Annie L. Gray, for an insurance fraud charge on Sept. 3. 2017; 


■ Johnny B. Harris, for a sexual battery charge on Dec. 22, 2017; 


■ Javante Hendrix, for a burglary of a business charge on n April 23;  


■ Splyndid Hollis, for four auto burglary charges on Oct. 16, 2017; 


■ Jamal Jones, for a burglary of a dwelling on Jan. 16; 


■ John Lucious, for a burglary of a dwelling charge on March 4; 


■ Terrell Matthews, for a bigamy charge on July 2, 2015; 


■ D'Kerius McCoy, for an armed robbery charge on Nov. 15, 2017; and 


■ Desmond Reese, for eight auto burglary charges, one on Nov. 8, two on Nov. 28 and five on Dec. 28.