Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.

September 12, 2018 10:42:09 AM



Charlie Mitchell's 'Sinking Ship'


If Charlie Mitchell is speaking for the Trump supporter I know, he is smoking something that is illegal in Mississippi. I don't know where he is getting the information about half of Trump's supporter voting for his opponent. Maybe his information is from the same anonymous source the New York Times is using, "a senior White House employee." President Trump is brash and speaks from the hip, but the results are plain. Stock market is up, employment down, other than his critics, there is a positive attitude about America's future and our armed forces are being rebuilt.


The ship was sinking when his predecessor was in office. Despite what Mr. Obama is saying lately, he didn't build it (the economy). He created racial disharmony, distrust in our police force and lack of respect world wide. Trump has created the national respect again on the world stage. Our adversities are thinking twice now before confronting America.



Who are the forgotten American, whose earning are being taken away for useless programs? The socialist democrats are the ones wanting to give everyone a free lunch at the expense of the working Americans. As far as the "me, me, me" president, Mr. Mitchell, Trump is working for nothing. There is nothing about "me, me, me" if you are working for free, free, free! We are getting a bargain. Most D.C. politicians leave D.C. more wealthy than when they arrive. Think about it.


As far as President Trump fixing our problems, we deplorables can fix our own problems if the government will get off our backs. He is helping with that, if you are paying any attention. As far as our state politicians supporting Trump and getting on the train, I would say get on or get out of the way.


As far as a "sinking ship", I think Mr. Mitchell is on the "Socialist Democrat" ship that is sinking.


Get on the Trump train or get run over. Let's make "America Great Again."


God Bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.