Jiben Roy: Human nature and celebrity

November 21, 2019 7:19:58 AM



The major religious faiths believe that God created this wonderful universe and then He made Adam and Eve within seven days. They were in the Garden of Eden but they did something wrong one day. Tempted by Satan they ate fruits from a forbidden tree. The first humans committed the first sin, thus they were thrown out of Eden Garden. Maybe that's why the English poet, Alexander Pope wrote, "to err is human."


There are traffic rules and laws practiced all over the world, and people accept them. But still there are accidents every day. Someone is bound to make mistakes.


In this earthly world, there are many people in different fields who become a role models for others. In fact, the role model can be celebrities political leaders, artists, writers, academics, scientists, technologists, businessmen or even religious personalities. People want to see everything perfect in their role models. But in reality, many celebrities abuse their power by committing adultery, tax evasion, academic fraud or other sins.



People admire an honest political leader, but how would you feel if you find that the leader is connected in unethical works? What about when the artist or writer you like so much is convicted of a horrible crime?


You won't find a perfect human. In this day of digital journalism, no one can hide anything. However, there is law of the land and there is unethical activity that may be or may not be illegal.


Think about the Jeffrey Epstein's saga! He saved many celebrities by killing himself. Did he kill himself?


Why did he commit suicide? Was it because of guilt, shame or embarrassment? Fully knowing the criminal nature of acts, people still do them.


I find the word "whistleblower" fascinating. Certain wrong-doings become exposed. I wonder why someone didn't come forward to expose the activities of Epstein much earlier.


It's an underworld activity, so it's possible a whistleblower's life will be in danger. We know there is a United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Similarly, the UN should encourage the whistleblowing process in every country and whistleblowers should be given international protection.


Like guilt and shame, I think humans are being trapped by two un-denying lusts: sex and money.


Knowing the facts of what happened to Epstein, there are still people who are involved in the same business. Even in the future there will be a new Epstein doing similar activities.


It's interesting whenever someone does shameful or guilty acts, they think there is no way people will find it. Time changes, so does technology, and also people become smarter. Who would have thought there would be a #metoo movement resulting in so many celebrities in all fields disappearing in a short amount of time? Some are in jail too.


Humans are bound to do mistakes because this is in their genetic code, whether it is coming from Adam and Eve or nature.


But the uncertainty remains. People can die any time. I am sure this uncertainty makes people more conscious regarding guilt and shame. The ordinary common people don't want to leave this world with a bad reputation. Truly speaking, majority common people are honest, God loving and try hard not to do mistakes. Who wouldn't be overwhelmed when you read a survey results where 11 out of 12 wallets dropped in Finland's capital found their way back to their owners?